Andrew Glennon Responds to Amber Portwood: Enjoy Your Pity Party, Loser!

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Things are getting very personal between Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood.

Granted, one could easily argue they were very personal a few weeks ago when Portwood was arrested for domestic assault after allegedly hurling a shoe at her boyfriend and wielding a machete after he hid in the bathroom with their son.

And this would be a fair point to make.

But now accusations of infidelity are floating around and Amber is taking jabs at Andrew and custody filings have been submitted and it's all a huge giant mess.

With a 14-month old boy caught in between.

What's the latest? How has Glennon fired back against Portwood after she made her first real statement since her arrest?

The answer awaits...

1. SIGH. How Can Things Be Getting Worse?!?

SIGH. How Can Things Be Getting Worse?!?
It seems impossible, right? Based on what transpired on the morning of July 5?

2. This is When the Arrest Took Place

This is When the Arrest Took Place
Portwood went off on her live-in boyfriend around 3 a.m., according to reports, throwing a shoe that struck Andrew in the head and even threatening to kill herself.

3. Kill Herself?!?

Kill Herself?!?
Yes. Glennon told the police that she swallowed a number of Klonopin pills, thankfully throwing them back up after a short period of time.

4. And Then?

And Then?
Glennon hid in his home's bathroom withh is young son -- and Amber allegedly grabbed a machete, using the sword to try and break in.

5. Why Does She Own a Machete?

Why Does She Own a Machete?
For self-defense. Due to a previous domestic violence arrest, Amber is now allowed to own a gun, multiple sources have claimed.

6. What Led to This Fight?

What Led to This Fight?
The couple and little James supposedly missed a July Fourth fireworks show due to traffic and Amber blamed Andrew for what happened.

7. Was That All?

Was That All?
No. It now seems as if Amber at least suspected her boyfriend was cheating on her.

8. Why Do We Say This?

Why Do We Say This?
Because Amber said THIS. She shared a meme on Instagram after her arrest that said "cheating is a choice, not a mistake." She then deleted it.

9. An Insider Close to Andrew Denies The Charge

An Insider Close to Andrew Denies The Charge
"Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met," this person tells Us Weekly. "All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two."

10. HOWEVER...

A different source now tells Radar Online that Glennon has been texting some mystery woman. It doesn't sound as if this is someone with whom he's been sleeping, however.

11. Says the Anonymous Source of This Situation:

Says the Anonymous Source of This Situation:
“Andrew started talking to a woman after Amber’s arrest. He has been confiding in her about the whole situation through text.”

12. That Ain't Cool

That Ain't Cool
“She sent him photos of herself, nothing inappropriate,” the insider added. “He told her how beautiful she is.”

13. But, Umm, Didn't Amber Attack Him?

But, Umm, Didn't Amber Attack Him?
Yes. But has Glennon actually dumped Portwood in response? If not, he should still be committed to her.

14. Glennon Seemingly Wants to Go to Pound Town, Too"

Glennon Seemingly Wants to Go to Pound Town, Too"
"He wanted her to come to Indiana, but she declined," Radar reports of Glennon and this unnamed female.

15. Amber Reacts!

Amber Reacts!
So it seems, at least. She posted this message on social media after the texting rumor went viral. Has the "truth" of Andrew's wandering penis really come out?

16. No, He Insists

No, He Insists
Indeed, Glennon has now fired back at Amber's "heartbroken" meme and message.

17. What's the Update?

What's the Update?
When a Teen Mom fan posted the link of Amber's post to one of Andrew’s old Instagram posts, and also informed him of the story about him texting another woman had posted, Glennon actually responded.

18. This is Some BS!

This is Some BS!
Glennon wrote that the texting story was “taken out of context and blown out of proportion per usual.”

19. Silly, Sad Amber

Silly, Sad Amber
“[It’s] sad that [Amber] believes the ‘headlines,'” Andrew added in the comment section of his verified Instagram page. “I thought she’d know better after 10 years [on TV].”

20. Take THIS, Amber

Take THIS, Amber
Glennon proceeded to address Amber personlly as follows: "You’re more than welcome to have a pity party for literally nothing, but I’ve no time for the nonsense, and the extent of my energy spent talking on the sordid topic ends with the period of this message."

21. Yes, This All Happened

Yes, This All Happened
Glennon previously responded to another Instagram comment, verifying that everything described in the police report really did happen.

22. Now What?

Now What?
Amber is due in court on Thursday, July 25.

23. Glennon Has Filed for Primary Custody of James

Glennon Has Filed for Primary Custody of James
He believes Amber is unfit as a mother, with the official legal papers reading: “Father believes it is in James’ best interests that he be awarded sole legal and primary physical custody. Father believes that it is not currently in James’ best interests for Mother to have unsupervised parenting time.”

24. Adios to Amber?

Adios to Amber?
If it comes out that Amber really did use a machete as part of this assault, there's no way MTV will be able to keep her on as a cast member.

25. Poor James

Poor James
We know, right? That keeps being the main takeaway here.

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