Amber Portwood: I Wanted to Hang Myself After Giving Birth!

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Back in May, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood welcomed her second child, a boy named James.

In the weeks that followed, Portwood suffered from severe postpartum depression.

Amber was open about her struggle from the very beginning, but it's only now that fans are beginning to learn just how dire the situation became.

We now know that at one point, Amber's mental illness nearly cost her her life.

Take a look:

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Amber has openly discussed her battle with postpartum depression on multiple occasions.

2. Opening Up

Opening Up
On the recent Teen Mom OG season finale, Amber opened up her to her cousin Krystal about a night when she almost committed suicide.

3. Saving Grace

Saving Grace
Amber says she was rescued by husband Andrew Glennon, who sensed something was amiss and refused to leave her alone.

4. An Unspoken Crisis

An Unspoken Crisis
Amber told her cousin that Glennon “could feel it," referring to her suicidal impulses.

5. Sticking By Her Side

Sticking By Her Side
“He’s like, ‘I’m not going to bed,’” Portwood recalls Glennon saying.

6. Her Lowest Point

Her Lowest Point
“It doesn’t feel good to go and do things, it doesn’t feel good to be alive right now," Portwood continued.

7. The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery
That episode was filmed several months ago, and fortunately, Amber says she's now doing much better.

8. Reunion Update

Reunion Update
On Monday night's Teen Mom OG reunion special, Amber revealed that while she still struggles, she's doing much better these days.

9. Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James
“It went from taking care of James so amazingly to one night I had to give him to Andrew,” she said of the night she nearly took her own life.

10. A Total Shock

A Total Shock
Amber went on to reveal that her depression took her entirely by surprise.

11. Caught Off Guard

Caught Off Guard
“I couldn’t, I don’t know what happened. I’ve never felt anything like it, I never felt like that with Leah," Amber told Dr. Drew Pinsky.

12. Under Pressure

Under Pressure
"It started feeling like a weird pressure, like I could explode," Portwood continued.

13. Near Tragedy

Near Tragedy
Amber went on to recount the night that she likely would have died, were it not for Glennon's intervention.

14. Tearful Confession

Tearful Confession
“There was one night in California where I said to Andrew, ‘Just go to sleep, go to sleep. Take James with you.’ I was going to hang myself,” she revealed, crying.

15. Real Sh-t

Real Sh-t
“That’s real sh-t,” Portwood says of her near suicide.

16. Bullied By Fans

Bullied By Fans
Amber says she was shocked and dismayed when some fans reacted negatively to her admission of postpartum depression.

17. Mom-Shaming

“I come home, I try to talk to loving fans who I adore. I help so many f--king people and I gotta deal with people calling me a bad mom and this that and the other when I’m going through this sh-t," Portwood told Dr. Drew.

18. Contemplating Quitting

Contemplating Quitting
Amber says the response from people accusing her of putting her own needs above those of her children was so painful that she nearly quit the show that made her famous.

19. Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures
"I’m done. I’m done with this show, I f--king quit,” she said. “This show is done.”

20. Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery
Amber won't make any definitive statements about her future on TMOG, but it seems she's decided against quitting. We wish her all the best in her continued recovery.

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