Thomas Ravenel Ruined Kathryn Dennis' Life, Eliza Limehouse Says

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These days, Kathryn Dennis is scoring wins in her custody war with Thomas Ravenel. Her emotional state seems good.

On Southern Charm, on the other hand, she was cursing at her good friends. WTF?

Newcomer Eliza Limehouse explained that she was all too familiar with that kind of behavior, and that it was just more damage done by Thomas.

Eliza Limehouse

Eliza Devereaux Limehouse is from an established, affluent Charleston family.

Though she may be the youngest of the Southern Charm lineup -- and a little awkward at times -- she gets pretty accurate reads of people.

She is also no stranger to the Ravenel family.

In fact, she has a little less of a filter than some of her more seasoned castmates.

On this week's episode of Southern Charm, Eliza says exactly what she thinks about Thomas and his negative effect on Kathryn.

Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, and Eliza Limehouse

"Dad and Thomas are definitely a type," Eliza says, comparing him to her own father.

She adds that "When they're in the room, they are the center of attention."

"It’s hard to be with someone like that," Eliza expresses. "Because you’re kind of standing there like, ‘Oh here I am too.’"

A few years ago, her father's mistress gave birth and her family was torn apart.

"I’ve seen what my dad’s life has done to us, and I’ve seen what Thomas’ life has done to Kathryn," she observes.

"It gets to you," Eliza states. "And will ruin your life if you let it."

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

Despite being new to the show, Eliza has seen firsthand the changes that Kathryn underwent.

"I remember the Kathryn that I knew even before her and Thomas first got together," Eliza says to Naomie and Danni.

She recalls: "She was so nice, sweet, and innocent."

“I feel like being with a guy like Thomas," Eliza begins, then clarifying: "I know this from living with my dad."

In her experience: "you get a little overshadowed because they are the big dogs."

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

Eliza's commentary did not emerge out of the blue.

The men had gone off on an RV trip to "rough it" in the relative wilderness.

Side note: wasn't this Whitney Sudler-Smith's most relatable episode?

(I don't know about other viewers, but I related more to the man who just wanted comfort than I do to the grown men acting like boarding school caricatures)

Meanwhile, the women had their own plans -- but that had placed a considerable strain on the friendship between Kathryn and Danni.

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird, All Dressed Up

"She just has a general trust problem with everybody," Danni lamented to Naomie and Eliza while on horseback.

Danni bemoaned: "She just made a comment that was hurtful. It was absolutely ridiculous."

Kathryn had told her to "f--k off." Not a way to speak to your friends.

"I have already versed what I feel," Danni added. "I sent her a text, ‘You just spit on our friendship. I hope it felt good.’"

"I could’ve just brushed it off,":Dannie admitted. "But I’m not going to be anyone’s doormat, and I want an apology. And that’s that."

Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird

Kathryn had pleased her castmates and friends with her increased maturity during her confrontations with Ashley Jacobs last season.

But her behavior while dating her newest disgraced senator was alarming to others, including the beautiful Naomie.

"The way that she turned on Danni like that makes me question, has she really changed?" Naomie asked.

That was the context of Eliza's observations about the long-term harm that a man like Thomas Ravenel might do to another's emotional health.

Kathryn appears to be in a much, much better place these days.

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