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If you’re a longtime Teen Mom OG viewer, you know that Maci Bookout’s baby daddy Ryan Edwards has been to hell and back over the course of the past two years.

Granted, many of Ryan’s problems are self-created, and he’s inflicted a tremendous amount of pain on his loved ones, but we’re still rooting for the guy.

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Addiction is a terrible thing, and it’s had Ryan firmly in its grips for quite some time now.

Following Edwards’ second stint in rehab, friends, family, and fans were optimistic that he would finally be able to break free.

Alas, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

Edwards was arrested in January just weeks after leaving treatment.

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Needless to say, at the time, the outlook for Ryan’s future was beyond bleak.

His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had threatened to leave him if he relapsed again, and just weeks after missing the birth of his son while in rehab, Ryan was both off the wagon and doing time.

Edwards was freed from jail in April, and even his biggest supporters were skeptical about his chances of remaining clean.

But almost two months later, it seems the troubled Teen Mom OG star has managed to keep his nose clean and his marriage intact:

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Mackenzie and Ryan are currently on vacation, and while their exact locale remains undisclosed, Mack offered photographic evidence that their relationship is in a good place.

“In case anyone is wondering how this trip is going,” Standifer captioned the pics.

“Safe to say Ryan is NOT an insta photog husband," she added.

Some fans made snarky comments about Ryan’s teeth in the photo below, but there will always be haters — and it looks as though Ryan is doing better than anyone expected.

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As for Maci, she was asked about Ryan in a recent interview, and she seems to have adopted a "no news is good news" stance with regard to her ex:

“I haven’t seen him or anything. [He] hasn’t had the chance to impact [me] or have an impact yet,” she told Us Weekly.

She added that Ryan’s eldest son, Bentley, is aware of his dad’s struggles:

“I think just from the standpoint of him being able to process, comprehend and understand, and get through it in a healthy manner, I think he needs to know what’s going on,” she told the tabloid.

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“So that I can also, as his parent, reinforce that he does have love around him and support around him," Bookout added.

"And that’s life; things happen but it’s going to be OK.”

Ryan still has a hard road ahead of him.

But it sounds like he has the right kind of people in his corner.