Ryan Edwards: Leaving Rehab Early to Finally Meet His Son?

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Last week, we reported on the news that Ryan Edwards had checked into rehab after struggling with an opioid addiction for several years.

Shortly thereafter, the world learned that Edwards' wife, Mackenzie Standifer, had given birth to a son.

Jagger Edwards is the couples' first child together, but sadly, Ryan missed the birth due to his continued treatment.

As painful as the thought of missing his son's first weeks on the planet must have been, it was widely assumed that Edwards would remain in treatment in order to ensure that he receives the kind of help he needs.

Sadly, it doesn't look like that will be the case ...

1. Taking the Right Steps

Taking the Right Steps
While Edwards was aware that he would miss Jagger's birth by checking into treatment, it seems he was also aware that his situation required immediate action.

2. Joyous News

Joyous News
Fortunately, Mackenzie delivered the baby with no complications. She was accompanied in the delivery room by her mother.

3. Jen and Larry In the House

Jen and Larry In the House
Ryan's parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, were also in the hospital the day the baby was born.

4. Ryan's Hope

Ryan's Hope
Insiders say the impending arrival of his son helped motivate Ryan to seek help.

5. Plenty of Reasons

Plenty of Reasons
Of course, the fact that Edwards has been arrested three times in the past 18 months and is very keen on avoiding jail time probably also factored into his decision.

6. Easier Said Than Done

Easier Said Than Done
Ryan initially planned to remain in treatment for a minimum of three months, but now it seems his plans have changed ...

7. A Mixed Bag

A Mixed Bag
The good news is, Ryan won't be leaving rehab immediately. The bad news is, he won't be remaining in treatment for nearly as long as he originally planned.

8. Home For the Holidays

Home For the Holidays
"He should be home for Thanksgiving," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

9. Confusing Times

Confusing Times
Insiders say the last week has been both joyous and difficult for Mackenzie and her parents.

10. Bittersweet

Standifer is reportedly overjoyed with the new addition to her family, but still deeply concerned with her husband's continued recovery.

11. Keeping a Low Profile

Keeping a Low Profile
Mackenzie has yet to formally announce the birth or post photos of little Jagger on social media.

12. Cause for Concern?

Cause for Concern?
The lack of confirmation has generated some unsettling rumors among Teen Mom OG fans, but those closest to the situation say there's no need to be worried.

13. No Fan of the Spotlight

No Fan of the Spotlight
Those who know her best say Standifer has never been a fan of all the attention she's received from being married to Ryan.

14. Pluses and Minuses

Pluses and Minuses
While she's reportedly not thrilled by the fact that she and Ryan have both been fired from TMOG, Mackenzie is said to be quite happy to have her privacy back.

15. Focusing on Family

Focusing on Family
Sources say Standifer hasn't been posting simply because she plans on remaining off of social media until Ryan returns home.

16. Her Thoughts

Her Thoughts
No one is sure how Mackenzie feels about Ryan's decision to leave treatment ahead of schedule, but we're guess that -- like everything else in this situation -- that choice is generating some serious mixed feelings.

17. Making Progress

Making Progress
There's been no word on how Ryan is progressing in rehab, but sources say he entered the facility with every intention of getting sober for good.

18. Second Time's the Charm

Second Time's the Charm
Ryan entered rehab for the first time last year, and he left ahead of schedule on that occasion, as well.

19. The Difference

The Difference
But those who know Edwards say he went into the situation with an entirely different attitude this time. And they're hoping that will make a world of difference. We wish him all the best.

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