Rob Kardashian: Back on Instagram Despite Revenge Porn Scandal?

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Rob Kardashian has come a long way from his early morning revenge porn attack in 2017. These days, he's even defending Blac Chyna against haters.

Now, he appears to have an Instagram account. It's not an imposter or a fan account.

But Instagram says that he's still banned. What gives?

Rob Kardashian, Sadness Snap

So, as you may have noticed, both Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian were recently instructing their fans and followers to follow Rob.

They linked to an account on Instagram, one with the handle robkardashianofficial.

The account is even verified with a tell-tale blue checkmark.

Rob was very famously banned from Instagram in 2017 after, in the wee hours of July 5, he followed a vicious impulse and uploaded nudes of Blac Chyna.

That's not just a crime, it's a violation of Instagram's terms of service, and Rob was banned.

Rob Kardashian fancy new Instagram

TMZ reached out to Instagram and confirmed that Rob's ban remains in effect.

So what's with this new verified account that's sharing videos of Dream, getting endorsed by the Kardashians, and is pushing his Arthur Geroge socks?

Well the devil is in the details, and it explains in the bio why this account is allowed.

"Account managed by Jenner Communications," the bio reads.

That means that the account is the real deal, but Rob is not allowed to manage it himself.

If that changes, Instagram will pull the plug.

Dream Kardashian smiles - IG video still

The return of this account is a real boon to fans of one member of the Kardashian family in particular.

Dream Kardashian is as cute as a button.

She appears sometimes on her mother's Instagram or on those of one of her aunts.

But people who adore Dream don't necessarily want to follow, say, Khloe for updates on the sweet little girl.

Now, they can get updates on her precious life from a more direct source.

Dream Kardashian Exists in a Colorless Void

This Instagram account only became active recently (though it's first post was one year after Rob's revenge porn scandal).

But one photo in particular has already made a splash.

Dream can be seen alongside a blal pit in a spacious room.

What makes the image so sensational is that everything is black and white ... right down the graphite-colored balls.

It is an absurd example of the Kardashian family's unending war on color. We're just lucky that the balls in the pit weren't, ugh, tan.

Rob with His Dream

Fans aren't the only ones who can reap the benefits of Rob having an active Instagram account.

"Jenner Communications" is already using the account to push sales of Rob's Arthur George sock collection.

They're being pushed as an ideal Father's Day gift, because everybody gets psyched for socks.

(Not to be mean, but we have always imagined that there's just a warehouse somewhere of socks that Kris has bought without him knowing)

So if that's your thing, he's there to remind you that he has socks for sale.

Rob Kardashian, Blue Hat

It's unclear if Rob will ever be able to use this page to promote other products in exchange for bundles of cash.

If he does, it's likely that someone else will have to take and upload the photos and do the captions.

You know, like those accounts that post on behalf of a baby, or a specific dog.

Still, that's progress. We just hope that Rob doesn't squander this opportunity.

He has, as we mentioned, displayed a lot of personal growth over the past couple of years.

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