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Donald Trump was in the UK this week, and based on the photos from his various social engagements it looks his efforts to reinforce tired old stereotypes about ugly Americans stopped just short of showing up to royal banquets with Big Mac secret sauce on his tie.

Granted, the Brits aren’t exactly known for their effusive displays of affection but the Donald received a chilly reception even by royal family standards.

Queen and President
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And it’s a shame, really, because Trump could really offer some valuable advice to future king Prince William.

Now, we’re not saying Will should turn to 45 for tips on leadership or foreign relations.

But when it comes to dealing with a messy sex scandal, you won’t find a world leader with more experience than our president — and Will could probably use a little help in that regard.

As you may recall, William’s been accused of cheating on Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Get Fancy
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Formerly one of Kate’s best friends, Rose is also the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

We have no idea what that title means, but based on the sound of it, we think it’s safe to assume Rose is one of the most British people alive.

So it should come as no surprise that she was also in attendance at the official banquet held in honor of Trump’s visit.

The British tabloid media has made much of Rose’s presence at the banquet, particularly since insiders claim she made a point of keeping her distance from Will and Kate.

Rose Hanbury

That was probably a smart idea.

We may never know for certain if Will gave Rose the royal scepter, but we do know that Kate is no longer friends with Hanbury, and those who have been monitoring the situation closely say there was definitely some sort of falling out.

We doubt that Kate would get gully and snatch Rose’s tiara off her dome, but then again, Trump does seem to bring out the worst in people.

So if you’re keeping track at home, the awkwardness level at the Donald dinner was officially off the charts:

Kate Middleton and Prince William Smile Big
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Meghan Markle wasn’t in attendance at all, presumably because Trump recently called her a "nasty" woman in response to comments she made three years ago.

Her husband, Prince Harry, snubbed Trump and made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want to be there.

And Rose Hanbury circled the perimeter, possibly with the intention of trolling Kate and making her uncomfortable.

Normally, we take solace in reports of British pettiness, as they make us feel less trashy by comparison.

But since Trump is involved this time, we suppose we have to accept some of the blame.