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Hannah Brown finally went ahead and put Luke Parker in his place on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette.

Not to the point where she sent this chauvinist pig home, sadly.

But Brown did at least put Parker in his place when the self-centered monster trashed Brown for getting close to another suitor. 

Hannah Brown Has a Rose

"You’re not my husband," Hannah told Luke after he very overly slut and sex-shamed her, adding: "You don’t own my body, you don’t own me. It’s my body."

Now, fresh off that proper slamming, Brown had set her sights on critics of The Bachelorette as a whole.

"I refuse to not stand in the sun. I refuse to feel shame. I refuse to believe the lies and evil that flood my comments," Brown wrote on Instagram last night, alongside a photo of herself, yes, standing in the sun.

Brown has been making remarks similar to this all season long.

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She has very openly talked about possibly sleeping with multiple men this season — which is, like, a totally normal thing to happen on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

And yet because Hannah has also billed herself as a religious person, some awful folks out ther have been giving her grief.

"I am standing firm in believing that maybe God wants to use a mess like me to point to His goodness and grace. But dang, it’s hard," she continued in this post.

"The amount of hate I and the men on this journey with me receive…it’s chilling to know so many people want to spread hurt so recklessly.

"We all fall short of the glory of God…we just happen to do it on national television."

This is the photo Brown included along with this pointed message:

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Brown went on to thank her supporters and to also make her feelings very well known on the topic of God, the Devil, criticism, hypocrisy and more.

I’ve realized that a lot of the things that Satan uses to hurt me, come in the form of many of your comments— he uses a grain of truth to steer to evil lies.

‘You’re not enough, you’re dirty, you’re dumb, you’re immature, you’re not worthy…’.

It’s upsetting to get messages from Christians telling me I give Christians a bad name. I’ve lived my life for the world to see and judge and absolutely, I’m hot mess on a stick, I blew it a few times…but I refuse to believe I give Christians a bad name.

I’m an imperfect human. Who is yes, also a Christian. And God has a master plan for all the failures I continue to learn and grow from to work out for good, and for his glory.

And she concluded:

Thank you to those who continue to support me and my guys as we open our hearts to each other, and in turn…you! We appreciate you and your kindness!

With Her Men

On Monday, Hannah went topless while bungee-jumping with Garrett.

And Luke was NOT happy about it.

"It’s just because I know that your body is a temple and I’m just thinking of you holding him bare-skinned and I’m just thinking in my mind like…it really pissed me off. I mean, it really frustrated me," Parker, who sucks, told Hannah.

"I had a choice, what I wanted to do," Hannah replied. "And I know where my heart was in it, and it wasn’t in a sexual way. It was in an experience that I wanted to have for myself."

Not that Brown should have to explain herself to Luke or anyone.

As for whether or not Luke will stick around beyond next Monday, check out The Bachelorette spoilers below…