Amber Portwood: Gary Shirley Is My Best Friend!

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We're just days away from a new season of Teen Mom OG, and just like in years past, the entire cast is making the media rounds in hopes of drumming up interest in the long-running reality show.

This time around, most of the focus has been on the addition of Mackenzie McKee to the cast, but Amber Portwood is still fixating on her favorite topic of discussion -- herself.

Amber Portwood on the Insta

Amber joined the rest of the cast in pleading with MTV not to replace Bristol Palin, but either she's gotten over the disappointment of being forced to welcome another newcomer, or she finds the topic so triggering that she prefers to avoid it entirely.

Whatever the case, in Amber's latest interview, she insisted that her life is more drama free than ever before.

That's great for Amber, obviously -- but potentially bad for ratings.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m lying, but hell, everything is so positive right now,” the mother of two told Us Weekly.

Amber Portwood on E!

Amber's ex, Gary Shirley, had primary custody of their daughter, Leah, but despite the unusual arrangement, Portwood says she and Gary are the best of friends these days:

“We’re doing really good. You know, it took years. It took a long time. It took growth on both parties," Portwood said, adding that her kids refer to Shirley as Uncle Gary.

“We really kind of met in the middle and became a whole family now.”

Amber says not only are she and Gary are getting, their respective significant others are also friendly, too:

Gary Shirley of Teen Mom

“It was good to feel like you’re able to mesh that life together because it’s hard when you have a new partner," she said.

"Everybody gets along so it’s great.”

As for her future with Andrew Glennon, Portwood says she could imagine having more kids with the former TV producer:

“If that happened, I wouldn’t be mad,” Portwood told Us. 

“[Andrew’s] my soulmate and he’s a beautiful person [and] …. I don’t see myself with anybody else. So, like, I definitely might have another kid with him.”

Amber and Andrew

As for the prospect of marriage ... well, that's a trickier question:

“It’s scary, though, because if he asked me to marry him, I would say yes … and I’d be planning a wedding,” she said.

“It’s scary to me because I’ve been through a lot of stuff with men, commitment-wise, but he’s that guy that you don’t want to lose out on. Honestly.”

We understand where you're coming from, Amber -- but if it makes the quandary any simpler, you're already tied to dude for life, regardless of whether or not you get hitched.

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