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The past 18 months have seen a lot of shakeups in the Teen Mom franchise.

It all started when Farrah Abraham got fired from Teen Mom OG back in December of 2017.

Teen Mom 5
Photo via MTV

Though no one could ever hope to fill Farrah’s shoes in terms of batsh-t drama, MTV tried by hiring Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

Floyd turned out to be a good fit for the cast — Bristol, not so much.

The daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin quit the show after just one season, claiming that the life of a reality star was simply not for her.

(Bristol has appeared on numerous other reality shows, including two that were based entirely on her life and were quickly canceled, so she probably just didn’t enjoy appearing on this particular series, but whatever …)

Bristol Palin as One of the OGs
Photo via Instagram

In a recent interview with Us Weekly the remaining OG cast (the OGs of OG, if you will) were asked for their thoughts on the possibility of MTV hiring a replacement for Bristol.

Not surprisingly, the ladies were less than thrilled with the prospect of sharing screen time with another newcomer, thus rendering them more inessential to the series’ future: 

“No, we’re good,” Amber Portwood told the tabloid.

“No new friends,” echoed Maci Bookout.

Maci on Season 8
Photo via MTV

“No, I’m good with just four,” Catelynn Lowell added.

Like we said, the responses are not surprising — but they’re more than a little misguided.

It appears this is a case of employees mistakenly believing they’re management.

You see, Bristol was added to the cast — and paid more than the rest of the moms — for very good reason:

Bristol Palin as an OG
Photo via MTV

Teen Mom OG ratings have been plummetting for years, and they took a sharp nosedive after Farrah got fired.

Love her or hate her, Ms. Abraham’s insanity made her a reliable ratings magnet — something the show is sorely lacking these days.

The current cast might like things the way they are — but surely they’d prefer keeping their jobs over joining Farrah on the unemployment line.

As for her own experience on the show, Floyd said that after a rocky start, she feels she’s been fully embraced by the Teen Mom community:

Cheyenne Floyd FINALLY Introduces Her New Boyfriend! (EXCLUSIVE)

“I don’t think people thought that we would mesh so well, but I think we all went in and we’re [thinking], ‘No judgment, open minds, let’s get to know each other in a real organic way.’” Cheyenne told Us.

“I feel like we’ve done that.”

Sounds like Cheyenne is well aware that there’s bound to be a lot of ups and downs living in the public eye in 2019 — but ultimately her cushy job and six-figure paycheck make it all worthwhile.

The other moms might do well to emulate her attitude.