Thomas Ravenel: Kathryn Dennis Just Wants Ruin My Life!

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During this ongoing Southern Charm custody battle, Kathryn Dennis expressed that she urgently needs sole custody of her two children.

She also asked that the court enjoin her disgraced ex Thomas Ravenel from allowing any girlfriends around their kids.

Thomas is firing back, accusing Kathryn of being a hypocrite who has her boyfriend take care of her kids.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Thomas doesn't appreciate Kathryn Dennis' request for increased child support.

The now widely reviled Charleston playboy certainly doesn't like that she's asking the court to award her sole custody.

And he clearly doesn't love that she's demanding that he not introduce Kensie and Saint to any of his skanks.

Kathryn also wants Thomas to be ordered to not drink around the children.

Now, in documents obtained by The Blast, Thomas is retaliating with his own requests for the judge.

Kathryn Dennis with Kensie and Saint

First and foremost, Thomas argues that the filing seeking an emergency custody order is nothing short of a farce.

Why? Because nothing has changed, so he doesn't see how there could be an emergency.

Thomas also wants the judge to refuse Kathryn's demand that he refrain from having any girlfriend around his kids.

(Notably, his ex Ashley Jacobs is mentioned by name in Kathryn's filing, but Ashley claims that she hasn't been in South Carolina in ages)

According to court documents, Thomas argues that Kathryn is just trying to harass him and control his life.

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

Then he retaliates with his own accusations.

He doesn't want Kathryn Dennis' boyfriend, Hunter Price, around his children.

Thomas claims that she has Hunter over while she has the kids.

In fact, he claims that the country singer stays overnight while she has custody.

Thomas even accuses Kathryn of leaving Kensie and Saint in Hunter's charge, having him take care of the kids alone.

Kathryn Dennis With Hunter Price

He would also like for Kathryn to pay him child support.

Notably, Thomas is part of a dynastic family and has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

But he says that Kathryn should be the one paying him, on the grounds that she (allegedly) makes six figures per year.

Notably, his claima bout her salary checks out.

We've looked into how much Southern Charm stars are paid, and that comes out to six figures per season.

Kensie and Saint Ravenel

And then there's the deeply personal accusation.

Thomas alleges that Kathryn told their older child that he wanted to hurt and kill their mother.

(That is ... just not something that we can imagine Kathryn saying to her very young children)

He doesn't want to be disparaged by her any further.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

Thomas is asking the court to deny Kathryn's request for sole custody, and to cut down on her visitation time.

He wants to suspend her time with Kensie and Saint entirely until Hunter is out of the picture, or at least kept away from their home.

Thomas, who once went to prison on drug charges, continues to double down on his claim that Kathryn is some sort of unhinged druggie.

He says that random drug tests may somehow be necessary for Kathryn.

Considering that Thomas is facing a trial for rape, many don't see him as the best arbiter for what courts should decide.

But we'll see what a judge has to say about his demands.

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