Kathryn Dennis to Thomas Ravenel: Keep Your Skanks Away from My Kids!

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It doesn't look like Thomas Ravenel has been able to ruin Kathryn Dennis' reputation despite his best efforts, but their bitter custody battle wages on.

Now, Kathryn is asking the court to hurry up and award her custody -- before it's too late.

She also wants the court to forbid Thomas from exposing his children to a very familiar face from his recent past. ...

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Investigators over at The Blast got their hands on some of the latest court documents from this messy Southern Charm custody battle.

Kathryn Dennis has asked the court for a new hearing as soon as possible.

Her urgent business? 

She wants the judge to award her primary custody of the kids and reduce Thomas to visitation.

Of course, that's what she wanted when she filed for sole custody back in October.

Kathryn Dennis and Kids on Christmas

The hurry this time is apparently over concerns about Thomas' judgment and the people to whom he exposes young Saint and Kensie.

Specifically? The girlfriends whom Kathryn fears he brings around them.

Even more specifically, Thomas' infamous ex, Ashley Jacobs -- the one who feuded intensely with Kathryn last year.

Kathryn is asking the court to enjoin Thomas "from exposing the minor children to Ashley Jacobs in any manner whatsoever."

Wait, is Ashley really back in Thomas' life?

Ashley Jacobs Winks

Ashley actually spoke to The Blast in response to her name being dropped in court documents.

"The fact my name was included in Kathryn’s filing is hysterical," Ashley proclaims.

"And she is only trying to stir things up," she speculates, noting: "with the show premiere only weeks away."

Ashley asks: "Why are you dragging me into the middle of this, Kathryn?"

Additionally, Ashley reports that she has not even set foot within South Carolina since February.

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley

Thomas and Ashley had a volatile relationship.

His Southern Charm castmates describes his behavior towards her as he would say demeaning things to bait her into lashing out verbally.

At one point, a witness observed that Thomas was angry and threw leftover food at her.

At the Reunion special (where Thomas was thankfully absent), Ashley admitted that it was true, but tried to take the blame for herself.

It became clear that Ashley's hysterics on the show were the result of the pressurs of reality television ... and Thomas' cruel behavior.

Even so, we can understand why Kathryn wouldn't want Ashley back in her life. Their feud was nasty.

Kathryn Dennis with Kensie and Saint

But ... if Ashley hasn't been in South Carolina in months, why did Kathryn name-drop her in court?

One possibility is that Ashley's statement was inaccurate, but we feel like Ashley knows better than to tell such an easily debunked lie.

Another possibility is that Thomas may have intimated, true or not, that he wants Ashley Jacobs back in his life.

Kathryn would be understandably appalled by the concept.

Remember, Ashley has taken specific pot-shots at her, even as recently as late last summer -- supposedly after their feud had "ended."

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

Whether the urgency here is real or imaged, the judge has yet to set a date for a new hearing.

Custody battles can be long, drawn out, and agonizing -- especially between bitter exes.

It's likely to continue for some time, because neither Kathryn nor Thomas seem likely to run out of money any time soon.

That said, Thomas has a rape trial coming up, and if he loses and ends up sentenced to prison, the custody battle may be somewhat moot.

For a while, anyway.

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