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We’re just days awar from the premiere of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette.

Obviously, we’re excited, not only because a new season is always cause for celebration, but also because Beast Mode Hannah is … not your typical Bachelorette.

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Quirky? Idiosyncratic? A sandwich short of a full picnic basket?

However you choose to describe her, the fact remains that Hannah is a bit of an odd duck.

(Let’s not forget that she gave the "Hannah Beast" nickname to herself!)

For us, that’s all part of her charm, and we can’t wait to see what happens when the kind of girl who’s probably keyed an ex’s car or two is put in the driver’s seat with 32 suitors vying for her affection.

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But naturally, not everyone is thrilled by this very surprising selection.

Among those who think the show should’ve gone in a different direction is former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios.

You might remember Corinne as the full-blown crazy person from Nick Viall’s season.

(Or from the time she was hilariously pranked by Sacha Baron Cohen.)

Corinne Olympios on GMA

Anyway, Corinne has a suggestion for who might’ve made a better choice for this season’s Bachelorette — literally anyone else on planet Earth!

“It’s just random. Like, why?” she said when asked about Hannah by Us Weekly.

“It’s, like, there’s nothing there that would have made me be like, ‘I need to see her again on TV. I need to see her find love.’ Like, she wasn’t even someone that I was like, ‘I want her to find love.’”

Asked who the show’s producers should have selected instead, Corinne replied:

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“I don’t know. Anyone! I mean, I don’t want to be mean. She’s going to hate me, oh, my God!”

Corrine added that despite her misgivings, she will be tuning in to see Hannah enter Beast Mode.

"Am I interested in it? Absolutely not. Will I watch it? Absolutely yes," she told the tabloid.

Olympios, of course, is not alone in her concern that Hannah might not be a good fit for a leading role.

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Bachelorette Season 13 star Rachel Lindsay also suggested that Hannah might not be a great fit.

“She wasn’t my first choice or my favorite,” Lindsay told Us.

“It’s nothing personal. If she happens to find love, that’s great!”

But hate her or love her, the Beast is about to be unleashed on 32 unsuspecting suitors.

And most of the people trash-talking her now will be glued to their sets for every second of the insanity.