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Remember Corinne Olympios?

The former Bachelor suitor was sent home a very long time ago by Nick Viall, but not before she made quite an impression on the star himself and viewers at home ny often prancing around topless.

Olympios then jetted off to be a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise…

… only to allege that she was sexually assaulted during filming, prompting an internal investigation and the near cancelation of that franchise entirely.

Corinne Olympios for ABC

That was the last time we heard from Olympios, whose15 minutes of fame appeared to be over about a year ago.

Until, that is, Sacha Baron Cohen swooped in and made her relevant again.

The reality star was featured on Sunday’s episode of the Showtime series Who is America?, which features going around in various costumes and oulling pranks on unsuspecting victims.

In this case, Olympios was tricked into believing she was going to be a spokesperson for a chariety created by Gio Madano, an Italian photographer who documents the fabulous lives of the .001 percent.

(NOTE: Madano does not actually exist.)

As Madano, Cohen convinced Olympios to wear a bikini/hazmat suit ensemble and to be photoshopped into a picture of relief workers.

And then there was an interview…

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First, Baron Cohen got Olympios to say she went to Africa to help people with ebola for about a month.

Despite the fact that she did no such thing.

Then, Baron Cohen asked Corinne to relay the story about the warlord who "was gonna do a massacre of this village" until he recognized Olympios and she talked him out of it.

Olympios hesitated for a moment, prior to playing along and saying "he was really nice, actually," and that she "saved 6,000 people" as a result of her intervention.

You may go ahead and commence slapping your forehead now.

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Later in the episode, Olymious starred a fake PSA where she asked for viewers to "Adopt a Child Soldier."

As in … buy grenades for child soldiers to launch at hospitals.

In an interview published prior to this episode airing, Corinne tried to save face with The Daily Beast.

"Hopefully people just see that it is a Sacha Baron Cohen prank. He’s pranked a bunch of people with big names. It’s light, it’s funny, it’s nothing serious," she said, adding:

"I hope people can see that and they’re not going to freak out about me saying certain things, because people that know me know that I’m a really amazing person."

Watch the video atop this post and judge for yourself!