Amy Roloff Puts Chris Marek Troll Squarely in Her Place

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Amy Roloff has had a tough go of it on social media these days.

For whatever reason, an unfortunate number of users across this medium take issue with the Little People, Big World star on a frequent basis.

Over what? Her indecision over what to do with her family's farm, for starters.

Seflie with Chris

As TLC viewers have witnessed over the past several episodes, ex-husband Matt Roloff seems pretty anxious to sell the property and move on.

But Amy is far less certain and is understandably taking her time with such a major life decision.

At least we think it's understandable; a bunch of critics out there think Amy sucks a whole lot for dragging her feet on this topic.

Amy, however, typically remains above this sort of online scrum. She also never jumps in to fight with a troll or to express her displeasure with what some individual says about her.

(Matt, to his credit, will do this on her behalf sometimes, though.)

However, while Amy doesn't feel a need to defend herself on Twitter or Instagram, she did recently swoop in to defend her very serious boyfriend, Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff Promo Pic

Roloff and Marek have been together for two years and may get married someday.

He seems like a very nice person who gets along not just with Amy and not even just with her children... but with her ex-husband as well.

(On just this week's episode of Little People, Big World -- which you can watch below -- Amy was taken aback by just how well Chris and Matt get along after the two agreed to go drive some tractors together.)

And yet, despite Marek's positive qualities, fans have often refused to accept him as a positive influence in Amy's life.

They think he's creepy and is dating Amy for all the wrong reasons.

And Amy has finally spoken out about the disdain.

On Tuesday, ahead of the latest Little People, Big World episode, Amy shared a selfie of herself and Marek, writing as a caption:

“Tonight @tlc LPBW — Little People BIG World is on — I hope you’ll be watching/

"The big decision is almost here. I know a long time in the making but I do make one in the end and the other fun challenging life going ons with Zach Tori Jackson, Matt Caryn and Chris and I. Wow!

"Can hardly believe just three episodes left in Season 14. Thank you all — you are the best.”

Simple enough, right? And totally harmless?

And yet, this promotional message inspired one follower to state that he/she doesn't "like Chris."

Amy was prepared with a tremendous response, however:

Amy Roloff defense

"Hmmm... but you've never met him," she wrote in reply.


What does one even say in return to such logic?

I know I've never met him, but just seeing him act all kind and giving and supportive of you gives me a negative feeling? Sure, good luck with that one.

We hate that total strangers say this sort of stuff online, but we love that Amy is able to rise above it, even clapping back in very respectful and straightforward fashion at times such as this.

Pair of Riders

“I would definitely love to get married one day,” Amy, who was the wife of Matt for about 27 years, recently told Us Weekly, adding:

“But it’s not something that I’m intentionally pursuing. If I say yes, then that means my whole heart, everything is into it. … I do think [marriage] is forever.”

She concluded, clearly talking about Marek:

“Relationships go through seasons. You are not the same person when you are 20 years old and when you become empty nesters or going through kids and all that.

"Both of you are going through that stuff, so keeping the communication and sharing with each other, I think, is very important.”

We wish these two love birds the very best of luck.

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