Amy Roloff Fans Slam Chris Marek, Question His "Creepy" Motives

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is living her best life, but fans continue to demand to know when she'll get engaged to Chris Marek.

After her latest romantic getaway with her boyfriend, some of Amy's fans and followers are growing suspicious.

Some accuse Chris of being downright creepy.

Amy Roloff Selfie with Chris Marek

"Costa Pura Vida," Amy writes on Instagram. "Beautiful country and people."

She and boyfriend Chris Marek went on a stunning romantic vacation for Valentine's Day.

"Great R&R time w/ Chris and friends," Amy writes. "Time to say audios until maybe next time."

"We’re ready to come home," her caption concludes. "Because there’s no place like ‘home’."

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Costa Rica

"Chris and I had a great time in Costa Rica," Amy tells her fans and followers in a thoughtful video.

"It was a good R&R," she shares.

"But," Amy continues. "Like everything else, we're ready to go home."

She explains: "I'm ready to see my grandkids and get back to life."

"And," she adds. "Figure out Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen."

It is no surprise to longtime followers that Amy found a way to plug her products in the video.

Amy Roloff in Costa Rica video still

"And," Amy adds. "Continue on with my book. A whole bunch of other stuff."

"Life's back home," she affirms.

"But you can hear the fountain," Amy notes. "The pool area."

"It's been great," she gushes. "Costa Rica's been wonderful, and I hope to be back."

"Anyway, back to cold weather," she says. "Back to normal. Back to reality. And that's a good place to be."

(Not everyone would enjoy tropical weather, but clearly Amy does)

Amy Roloff is Gorgeous

Amy's cheerful posts and photos didn't bring a smile to everyone's face, however.

Some took aim at Amy's relationship with Chris Marek -- and were especially critical of Chris himself.

"Didn't buy the cow," notes one hater. "Gets the milk for free. Shame on you both!"

We're still comparing women to livestock and shaming people for not being married? What year is it?

"What's his motive?" another demands to know. "Why can't he commit?"

Amy Roloff gets mean comments after Valentine's vacation 02

"He's creepy," accuses one commenter.

"I wish he'd ask for your hand in marriage," laments a nosey troll.

"I wish he'd surprise you with a ring," writes another hater, noting that Chris had given her a Valentine's card."

That same commenter continues: "Praying God gives you wisdom regarding the situation. Enjoy!"

"Hum no ring," another observed.

Fortunately, Amy did see plenty of much nicer fans leave much more supportive comments.

You know, like actual fans.

Amy Roloff gets mean comments after Valentine's vacation 01

First and foremost, Amy is a grown woman, She and Chris are consenting adults.

If someone has a personal religious or non-religious reservation about non-marital sex, that's valid ... for them. It's purely their business.

Similarly, Amy's romance with Chris is purely her business. She doesn't ever have to marry him or anyone else.

Second of all, there are a lot of people who think that Chris is just "using" Amy for fame or somesuch.

Even if Amy appeases the people cranky about non-marital "milk," those people will freak out if she and Chris get hitched.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Pumpkin Patch PDA

Finally, the suspicious about motives crowd really needs to lay off, because they're being ableist and insulting.

They're implying that Chris couldn't just be interested in Amy because she's a beautiful, intelligent woman.

Their implication is that because she is a little person, Chris must have some ulterior motive for dating her.

That is a sickening, ableist suggestion.

Cut it out.

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