Little People, Big World Recap: Amy Roloff Panics When Matt and Chris Bond

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Amy Roloff has already opened up about how she would love to marry Chris Marek.

On Tuesday night's Little People, Big World, Amy started to worry when Chris started bonding with someone else.

No, not with another woman -- but he and Matt seemed to be hitting it off. Amy didn't love seeing her ex making friends with ehr man.

Chris Marek with Amy Roloff Pic

On Little People, Big World, Amy realized that her ex husband and her current boyfriend were becoming fast friends.

Matt Roloff and Chris Marek decided to spend a day bonding over farming equipment.

It all started when they chatted up a storm at Tori's housewarming party and planned to ride tractors together.

"At first, I was a little like, 'OK what's going on here,'" Amy admits.

"I was worried about do each of them know what the expectations are of the other here?" she explains.

Amy Roloff is Worried

"I'm not really nervous exactly," Amy clarifies.

As in, she's not concerned that the two of them are going to start plotting to ruin her life behind her back.

"I, of course, trust Chris," Amy affirms.

Her concern was more about her ex.

"But Matt always has something on his mind," Amy warns. "That will come out as a surprise."

That sounds like a nice way of saying that she was concerned that Matt was scheming like a soap opera villain to befriend Chris as part of a master plan.

Pair of Riders

Amy definitely had a case of, if not FOMO, just general curiosity.

"I would definitely love to be invisible," Amy admits.

"And," she says, she'd like to have the chance to listen in on "the conversation between the two of them on that tractor."

But that doesn't mean that she doesn't want them to get along well.

"The whole farm and the whole family dynamic around here just works so much better if everyone gets along," Amy expresses.

"And," she says, she prefers it if "there aren't any awkward feelings or bad blood."

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff on Live

Matt knows his ex well enough. After decades of marriage, that's no surprise.

He figured that she would be on the edge of her seat about him making friends with Chris.

"I'm sure she might have questions in her head what stories we might be sharing," Matt acknowledged.

"But," he promised. "Amy doesn't have anything to worry about."

And he also shared his opinion on Amy's new man.

Matt Roloff Loves Being a Grandfather

"I'd say Chris is easy to like," Matt assesses.

A small but unfortunately vocal minority of Little People, Big World fans don't see things that way.

But then, they haven't met Chris, and their thoughts about Amy dating him have very little to do with the man himself.

"And I'm very, very happy that Amy found Chris," Matt raves.

He's happy for anything that cuts down on what he describes as "weird tension" that has existed within their "evolving family."

Amy Roloff Wrote a Book

"I think this farm is big enough where everyone can get along," Amy expresses.

"I don't want it to turn into a place where, 'Oops, sorry I'm going to leave the farm because Matt and [girlfriend Caryn Chandler] are here,'" Amy affirms.

She adds: "or something of that craziness."

"But," she admits. "That doesn't mean they suddenly have to be best friends."

That sounds fair enough. It's okay to be a little jealous of your loved ones.

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