Wendy Williams Fears for Her Safety With Husband on Set, Hires Security

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Last week, Wendy Williams filed to divorce her terrible husband. Better late than never, right?

On the surface, things have looked so amicable. We've all heard reports that he's "supportive" and has apologized profusely.

Under the surface, Wendy is afraid for her safety, and has hired bodyguards to protect her from him until this whole matter is settled.


TMZ reports that Wendy Williams has hired three full-time security guards.

Their duties now include standing vigil as she prepares to film her show and to continue doing so during filming.

Sources say that this added security measure is likely temporary, but that her new protectors are with her on a day-to-day basis.

See, Wendy's husband, Kevin Hunter, is still an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy no longer feels completely safe with him around, and wants to make sure that there is security on hand.

The studio probably has security, but Wendy clearly wants people who answer only to her.

Wendy Williams Bugs Out

Apparently Wendy hired the security team last week when she first filed to divorce Kevin.

It wasn't just that Wendy expected trouble. She had allegedly already had a number of altercations with Kevin.

The report says that multiple "blow-ups" had gone down during the buildup to Wendy actually filing for divorce.

In one particularly frightening incident, Kevin allegedly had to be physically restrained during an already heated confrontation.

That should never, ever happen.

Wendy Williams Close Up

Wendy's team was already on standby when Kevin got served with the divorce papers.

Fortunately, they did not have to intervene in that instance.

Perhaps, given his cheating and his alarming behavior, he had already expected it.

Or maybe he was simply in shock.

Either way, Wendy isn't taking any chances and plans to make sure that her safety is guaranteed during this tense conscious uncoupling.

Wendy Williams on Her Throne

It seems pretty clear that Wendy and Kevin working together is a complicated situation that cannot continue forever.

To that end, Wendy is trying to fire Kevin from her show.

Firing someone that far up the food chain is tricky, even if the show's named after you.

So they're trying to work out a deal on which they can both agree.

He may be an executive producer now, but the two of them are trying to reach an accord that will allow him to step down.

Wendy Williams Set Pic

Wendy Williams has, in recent months, come forward about her battle with addiction.

She has been living in a sober house and has been extremely direct about this, even offering herself as "the face of addiction."

Wendy hasn't always been the nicest person, but she is actively helping to reduce stigma and ignorance about addiction.

She has been less forthcoming about her marital issues, though she has at least acknowledged the situation.

She hasn't said "my husband Kevin Hunter knocked up his mistress and she recently gave birth," but ... her audience can connect the dots.

Wendy W.

A lot of people have very complicated feelings about Wendy Williams and her very unfortunate situation at the moment.

After all, she has visibly delighted at the personal misfortunes faced by other public figures.

But she does not "deserve" her addiction battle, and she absolutely does not deserve to be a victim of hypothetical violence.

We're glad that she has security there to keep her safe.

We're just so sorry that she's in a situation in which she fears that it may be necessary.

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