Leah Messer: FINALLY Responds to Rumors She's Pregnant With Jeremy Calvert's Baby!

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For weeks now, the Teen Mom-obsessed corners of the internet have been fixated on the rumor that Leah Messer is pregnant.

Not only that, the conspiracy theorists believe Leah is back together with Jeremy Calvert, and that she's knocked up with her previous baby daddy's baby.

L Messer

It's not completely clear how these rumors got started.

As far as we can tell, fans freaked out when they realized that Jeremy attended this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

We can see how from there, they made the leap to Leah and Jeremy being back together.

Leah & Jeremy: Together Again

But how they got to Jeremy putting a baby in Leah is anyone's guess.

Of course, sometimes when a rumor like this makes the rounds despite a total lack of evidence to suggest it's true, it makes you wonder if there's really something to it.

After all, if people are saying Leah is pregnant despite a total lack of baby bump photos or any other convincing proof, then maybe there's more to the story than meets the eye, right?

Leah Messer Baby Bump Pic?

Yeah, not in this case.

One intrepid fan decided to take matters into her own hand and simply ask Leah point-blank if she's knocked up.

“Is Leah pregnant again?” the viewer tweeted.

Leah wasted no time in issuing a blunt response:

Leah Messer Close Up

“Hell. no,” she replied.

A number of Leah's followers were amused by the no-nonsense nature of Leah's response, with one tweeting. “You stopped that rumor dead in it’s tracks."

But in case you were hoping for another kid with an "A" name that's way too similar to the names of her children, fear not:

Leah says she would like to have another kid ... someday.

Leah Messer on Insta

“I would want to have another kid,” she said on a recent episode of Teen Mom 2.

“I want to share that with the person that I am gonna spend the rest of my life with.”

So it sounds like Leah is still single following her breakup with Jason Jordan.

Leah Messer on Camera

Either that, or she's just playing coy about her reconciliation with Jeremy Calvert.

Of course, if that's the case, she may want to come clean sooner rather than later.

After all, it's not easy keeping a secret when you this many people trying to figure out your next move.

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