Jordyn Woods: Shading Kylie Jenner on Social Media?!

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Just recently, Jordyn Woods was feeling blessed despite having been cut out of the lives of the entire Kardashian family.

But has she grown too comfortable with her new life?

In a now-deleted post, Jordyn Woods appeared to be taking shots at her ex-best friend, Kylie Jenner.

Jordyn Woods With Kylie Jenner

"Girls be doin the most to show off their nail color"

Kylie Jenner is, among other things, a beauty mogul.

She has been showing off the way that she paints her nails -- on her hands and toes -- for ages.

Her infamous ex, Tyga, loved to see her nails painted because of his raging foot fetish.

When fans saw the now-deleted Instagram post, they accused Jordyn of mocking Kylie and her entire career.

Jordyn Woods Shows Off Her Nails

However, when one looks at the photo that Jordyn posted, it seems unlikely that Jordyn was taking aim at her former bestie.

In the image, a gorgeous purple light has distorted most of the colors -- of her clothing, her hair, and her skin.

However, one feature stands out despite the purple light and shines with contrast.

It's Jordyn's nails.

Despite the people who naturally associate both Jordyn and nails with Kylie, she's definitely roasting herself.

Look at how her hands are positioned -- just as her caption describes, she's gone out of her way to flaunt those nails.

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner Look Great

So why did she delete the photo?

Well, she was accused of throwing shade at Kylie.

Even if she wasn't -- and we do not believe that she was -- Jordyn would of course want to avoid even the appearance of doing so.

Kylie was her best friend for years. She's still heartbroken over losing that part of her life.

Besides, Jordyn very recently learned a hard lesson at the hands of Khloe and the entire Kardashian family:

Appearances can matter more than the truth.

Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk

As Jordyn explained at length on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, she never boned Tristan Thompson.

She also didn't sit in her lap.

And she didn't really kiss him, either.

Jordyn revealed that she hadn't even known that the party would be at his house until she and her friends were on their way.

She had sat near him, because she knew him, but that's hardly the same thing as sitting in his lap.

As for the "kiss," Jordyn explained that Tristan had given her an unsolicited kiss that she had neither sought nor desired.

It sounds like some of the partygoers hoped to gain political capital with Khloe by selling out Jordyn and exaggerating circumstances.

Jordyn Woods, Photographed by Kylie Jenner

Unfortunately, Khloe bought these claims about Jordyn hook. line, and sinker -- and decided that Jordyn was the root of all of her problems.

On Twitter and on camera, Khloe screeched that Jordyn was a "liar" who had "ruined her family."

Even if Jordyn had gone into Tristan's bedroom and banged him like there was no tomorrow, Tristan would still have been the cheater.

And since that's not even close to what happened, it seems that Khloe chose to blame Jordyn because it was easier than facing the truth.

Jordyn was cut off by people she had once considered family.

And as this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians continues, Khloe will have to relive making an ass of herself in front of the whole world.

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