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In a word? YIKES.

Things for pretty darn ugly between Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff on Little People, Big World this week.

matt v. amy

Ever since this TLC reality series came back for Season 14, the main topic of interest and debate has been the future of the family farm.

It’s rather evident that Matt wants to sell the property and move on with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, seeing as the two purchased a home in Arizona and spend a lot of time there these days.

Amy isn’t against the notion entirely (and is seriously involved herself in a relationship with Chris Marek), but she’s a bit more unsure about her future.

And these differences came to an angry head on Tuesday night’s episode.

Matt Promo

Matt came up with the idea to split the farm in two, allowing both halves of the former couple to do as they please with the property.

However, Amy was unsure about dissolving Roloff Family Farm and the memories that come with it…

… much to the irritation of her ex-husband.

"Probably the most logical option at this point is that I would keep this side where the [double-wide trailer] is, she would keep that side with her big house," Matt told Caryn, adding:

"Put that in her name, that way I would be able to dissolve the property LLC, because we wouldn’t need it.

"And then we would just co-own the little farm and manage the Roloff Family Farm’s business, and that’s the most simplest way that she can keep her life exactly the way it is."

In Arizona

In the past, Amy and Matt have clashed over what the latter perceives to be the former’s lack of business acumen — and that appeared to be a divide between these Roloffs last night as well.

When pushed more about to make a decision about the farm and Matt’s proposal, Amy bristled.

She explained to the father of her four kids that she simply wasn’t sure why he was suddenly ready to change his mind about the part of the farm in which he was interested.

"I can make my plan work," he told her, to which Amy fired back: "No you can’t!"

This was probably the most tension we’ve ever witnessed between the reality stars, who divorced in early 2016, yet have continued to work together and also live within hundreds of feet of each other on the farm.

Things were bound to get awkward.

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff on the Farm

"She’s being a little bit, in my mind, selfish right now," Matt told the camera, prior to snapping at Amy:

"I just don’t want to be held hostage anymore to your indecisiveness."

Such tension between the former husband and wife has been no secret on Little People, Big World this season.

"Several months ago I asked Amy what she wants to do with the farm," Matt said on the Season 14 premiere, echoing a similar sentiment back then:

"One of my frustrations is she’s reluctant to make decisions often."

Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff Together

Zach Roloff, meanwhile, has been trying to stay out of the fight between his parents.

But he has remarked on it on air, telling the camera earlier this season:

"The farm has drama attached to it, and my mom and dad are drama. I’ve learned that as I get older, it can be very emotionally draining to get wrapped up in their roller coaster."

The debate is an understandable one from both sides, we think, as Amy is perfectly allowed to be uncertain what to do about such a huge decision — while Matt should be able to sell and move away if he so desires.

Matt, though, seems to have accepted his fate as the villain in the eyes of viewers here.

Back on April 9, prior to a previous installment of his show, Matt wrote the following on Instagram as a tease:

Tonight … will you be yelling at me thru your TV? …Throwing your remote in the trash? .. Are you going to be as mad as a hornet? Do you want a piece of me? I mean… DO YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME? 

Then don’t be a negative troll on the internet… calmly let me know on

I’ll personally and privately answer all your questions:)). .. Or I can simply wish you (or your loved ones) a happy day!

Do you blame Matt or Amy for this tension?

Or is it an understandable development, considering their unusual business arrangement after their divorce?