Amy Roloff: Is She Finally Engaged to Chris Marek?

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Listen closey, Little People, Big World fans.

Do you hear them in the distance?

Might wedding bells soon be ringing once again for Amy Roloff?

Amy Roloff is Gorgeous

You've likely heard this rumor before, we know.

Roloff has been dating Chris Marek for over two years now and fans of the veteran reality star continue to look for any clue they can find that the relationship is about to turn REALLY serious.

As in: legal.

And we can't blame them for doing this...

... because we're doing it ourselves right now.

On Thursday evening, Amy shared a new photo on Instagram -- and once you see it (below), you'll understand why we think it may be an engagement photo.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek Engagement Image?

Granted, Amy never says this is an engagement photo.

As a caption, she simply writes:

"Well here's a glimpse - a little photo shoot I wanted to do and did with Chris this past fall. We had a blast!"

She then thanks the photographer behind the shoot and adds that she "even got Chris smiling and laughing."

We may be reaching here. We may be out on a limb.

But Amy also spent Thanksgiving with Marek ("I’m thankful for Chris in my life," she wrote last month on Instagram) and his family and plans to also be with Marek on Christmas.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Thanksgiving 2018

For the record, we aren't the only ones thinking the second photo above could be an engagement picture.

It may be a way to gauge Internet reaction before she makes the big announcement.

Thus far, thankfully, reaction appears to be very positive. To wit:

amy engaged

For whatever unexplainable reason, critics have taken major issue with Marek throughout the course of his romance with Roloff.

They think he's only using her for fame or for money and that he simply isn't good enough for the mother of four.

These folks seem consumed by Roloff's marriage to Matt, even though it ended nearly three years ago and both sides have moved very far on in the almost 36 months since.

Aware of the hatred often aimed at Marek, Amy once thanked her supporters for always being there for her, while simultaneously defending Chris as follows:

This guy is wonderful! Thanks for being awesome fans and your support and encouragement here on my FB and IG.

Keep smiling - you may help someone else want to smile too!

We love it. And we love how much Amy clearly loves Marek.

Still, we need to ask:

If these two aren't engaged, what's the hold-up, Chris? Put a ring on it, dude!

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