Thomas Ravenel: I'll Use Kathryn Dennis' Medical Records to RUIN Her!

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Next month, Season 6 of Southern Charm premieres and fans could not be more excited.

Off-screen, however, Kathryn Dennis continues to deal with some very real baby daddy drama in her divorce battle with her disgraced ex.

Now, Thomas Ravenel is demanding that the court grand him a fishing expedition into Kathryn's entire medical history.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Celebrity Insider reports that Thomas Ravenel is calling out Kathryn Dennis in court.

Apparently, he believes that she is dragging her feet when it comes to turning over personal records that his attorney has demanded.

His theory, as expressed in court documents, is that her reluctance is out of a desire to conceal some sort of evidence.

Evidence, of course, that might benefit Thomas in their custody fight.

Towards that end, Thomas is asking the judge to force Kathryn to surrender her private medical records for his perusal.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

Thomas has an entire list of questions that he wants to compel Kathryn to answer in court.

For example: Did she or did she not hire a private investigator to keep tabs on him?

He also wants to know about what kinds of communications she has had with Southern Charm producers.

Specifically, he is asking about communications since June 30, 2017.

As you may recall, he has previously accused Bravo of putting Kathryn up to this custody battle as some sort of twisted bid for ratings.

Kathryn Dennis and Kids on Christmas

And then, of course, come his medical questions.

Thomas wants to know all about each and every doctor whom Kathryn has seen.

He demands a full list of any and all prescription medications that she is currently taking.

He even wants the exact dosages of each, along with the doctor's explanation of which symptoms they are intended to treat.

Clearly, he is hoping to find some sort of evidence to fit his narrative that she's some sort of drug fiend.

Interestingly, it was Kathryn who alleged that Thomas is an unstable pill-popper.

Kensie Ravenel and Saint Ravenel on Instagram

Thomas and Kathryn share two young children, Kensie and Saint.

Before last Fall, the exes shared a 50/50 split of custody of their children.

After Thomas' arrest for the rape of Dawn Ledwell, the couple's former nanny, Kathryn filed to modify the custody order.

She is seeking full custody of her children.

Thomas went from posting misguided and swiftly-deleted rants against people who criticized her to becoming Kathryn's most vocal critic.

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

On the one hand, drug use and even medical history -- to an extent -- can be relevant to determining custody issues.

(Maybe not more relevant than someone being accused of sexual assault by multiple women and facing an upcoming rape trial, but relevant)

The fact of the matter is that both Thomas and Kathryn have a history with drugs.

Kathryn temporarily lost custody several years ago after testing positive for marijuana (which remains illegal in South Carolina).

Thomas once had a promising political career ... one that ended in his arrest over a sizable quantity of cocaine.

Kathryn Dennis on Insta

Is Thomas looking for genuine evidence to support a specific accusation or theory?

When Dawn Ledwell testified at the custody hearing, she mentioned that she had never witnessed Kathryn using drugs.

At one point, she had smelled marijuana while Kathryn had a friend visit. Hardly damning evidence of whatever Thomas believes.

Because he is demanding years worth of personal message history and medical history, some would say that this is a fishing expedition.

If you cast a wide enough proverbial net, you're bound to catch something.

In this case, he is clearly hoping that if he gets enough material from Kathryn, his attorneys can piece together an argument that she's an unfit mother.

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