Jessa Duggar: Caught Lying About Photos of Her Son?!

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The Duggars' evangelical fan base might not like to hear their favorite family being compared to the Kardsashians, but believe it or not, the two clans have a lot in common.

Both families made their bones in the world of reality television, and in both cases, the shows that made them famous also opened up myriad new revenue streams.

Jessa Duggar and Co.

As a result of their popularity on social media, the Kardashians and the Duggars are familiar with two phenomena that are not common to Instagram users -- both make money from sponsored content and both receive a tremendous amount of criticism from the audience of millions.

Obviously, the Duggars are far more modest in their interactions than the Kardashians.

But just like Kim and company, the children of Jim Bob and Michelle will happily deliver a verbal smackdown when they feel it's necessary.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in Honduras

And the queen of the Duggar clapback is Jessa, who brokers exactly zero BS when it comes to comments about her parenting, her kids, or her integrity.

Jessa gets mom-shamed about as often as the rest of the Duggar women.

The big difference, however, is that she gives as good as she gets.

Take the latest kerfuffle involving one of Jessa's kids, for example:

Spurgeon Seewald on Insta

Jessa captioned the pic and explained that she hoped to fill other moms in on one of her favorite clothing outlets:

“Not a sponsored post, but just want to make other mamas aware— If you want to save big on your kids’ clothing, be sure to carve out time for @rhealanasofnwa NEXT WEEK!!" she wrote.

But for reasons that boggle the mind, one fan wasn't feeling that explanation.

“This is totally sponsored...just like the photos are professional,” the follower commented.

Spurgeon Shows Off

The Duggars generally aren't big on sarcasm, but Jessa apparently couldn't help herself in this case:

“Well I’m not a professional photographer, but thank you for the compliment," she replied.

"It’s called ‘portrait’ mode on the iPhone."

As usual, fans were thrilled by Jessa's snarky response:

Go Team!!

"Sucks when you try to be rude and she just brushes off her shoulder and thanks you...doesnt it!!" wrote one user.

Too often, the approach favored by those on the receiving end of criticism is to fire with both barrels in the hope of blowing your hater's head off.

But as Jessa demonstrates here, the subtler approach is often more effective.

Perhaps the Kardashians could take a page from her book.

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