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June Shannon does not have very high standards when it comes to men.

We’re not trying to be cruel here, we’re just trying to keep it real.

We mean, the reality star once dated a guy who molested her daughter, so… yeah. Our defense rests.

June Shannon Wants a Kiss

More recently, it’s come to light that long-term boyfriend Geno Doak has been cheating on Shannon.

Or, at the very least, trying to cheat on Shannon via a number of racy text messages to another woman.

As previously documented at length, Doak had been in inappropriate contact for several weeks with someone named Tina Harry.

This other woman actually spoke to The Blast about her interactions with Doak, explaining that he randomly contacted her through Instagram and that, yes, she was happy to exchange a few pleasantries for awhile because it was cool to talk to someone on television.

But then Tina says Doak started to text her non-stop, sending her photos of his penis and saying he wished she was lying next to him in bed — instead of Shannon.

We’re talking really creepy, awful stuff here.

Geno Doak at Lunch

According to this report, those close to Shannon have been urging her to ditch Doak for awhile now.

But we were unaware, on this past Friday’s episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, that June herself had acknowledged Geno’s digusting ways.

At one point on the installment, June asks for some PDA from her awful boyfriend.

"Give me a kiss, babe," she says while they wait for lunch to arrive at a diner.

"Nope," he responds.

"Are you embarrassed to love on me in public?" June then asks, prompting Geno to simply say the couple "didn’t come here for loving."

(Yes, we’re as nauseated by this whole conversation as you must be. Sorry.)

Geno Doak with June

June and Geno have been together for about three years, with the former making it clear she’s ready for marriage.

This apparently remains the case, too, despite his penchant for sending pictures of his private parts to other women.

"I never want to look at Geno like he would actually talk to other females," June said in a confessional late last week, addressing Doak by adding:

"Is it to the point that like we’ve been together so long that you’re tired of being with me?"

We can answer this for Geno: Yes.

Shannon should realize he isn’t a very good person.

Geno Doak Photo

Later on this same episode, June suggests the lovers spend some "alone time in the bedroom," telling Geno he "used to be" very affectionate with her.

He turns her advances down, however.

"I’m trying to save this relationship, but I don’t honestly know if he wants to," June then says to the camera, which, you know… d’uh!

And also: Why are you trying to save a relationship with someone cheating on you, Mama June?!?

Concerned about her mother, daughter Pumpkin visited a psychic on Friday’s installment, hearing from this seer precisely what she thought she would hear when it comes to Geno.

Geno Doak and June Shannon on the Couch

“I see a man controlling somebody. He’s literally taking things. She had tunnel vision for Geno. There has been other people. Geno should get out. He’s disruptive. He’s going to ruin everything,” the psychic tells a concerned Pumpkin.

Another woman, meanwhile, claims that Geno has been texting her really crude things… and that she’s told Shannon all about it.

"Over the last 3 weeks or month, we exchanged messages, texts, calls and face times quite often," this person has told Celebrity Insider, concluding:

"June is as much of a liar. It will be interesting how the liars address the [romance] next season. I was decent enough to tell her so she would know what he does when she isn’t around.”

As you can see below, however, Shannon doesn’t appear to care…