Josh & Anna Duggar Share Pregnancy News In Surprising Video!

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As you may have heard by now, Anna Duggar is pregnant with her sixth child.

The news has been met with trepidation by fans due to the ongoing controversy surrounding Josh Duggar -- but clearly, Josh and Anna's kids had no such misgivings:

In the video above, Josh and Anna share the news with their five children, who are clearly wildly excited about the prospect of welcoming a younger sibling.

The Duggars went with a novel approach for sharing the news with their kids.

They handed out cards with a letter and a number on them.

The kids arranged the cards according to their numerical value, and when it was all over the message spelled:

Josh Duggar on Election Day

"New baby coming this fall."

Anna and Josh's kids screamed with elation as Josh confirmed to them, "Mommy's going to have a baby!"

Rumors that Anna was pregnant with her sixth child had been circulating for months, but then, rumors that Anna is pregnant can pretty much always be found somewhere on social media.

Josh Kisses Anna

As we said earlier, the news has received a mixed response from fans due to the continued controversy surrounding Josh's sex crimes.

But on Anna's Instagram page, where the video was posted, fans were every bit as excited as the kids.

"So happy for you!!!!" one fan commented.

"Congratulations! Such a blessing!" another wrote.

Josh Duggar on His Birthday

"@annaduggar your [sic] glowing and so beautiful. I see a baby boy coming ur way," said a third commenter.

Of course, the most diehard Duggar fans never had any issue with Josh, and they can't understand why the "haters" won't just let the man live.

To each their own, we suppose.

Anna is one of three Duggar women currently expecting a child.

Josh Duggar Is Back

Jessa Duggar and Kendra Caldwell -- wife of Joseph Duggar -- are also pregnant.

So it seems that a whole lot of Duggar babies will be entering the world very soon.

That's pretty much always the case with this family, but we're still a very exciting town for Arkansas' second most famous family.

(It's tough to top the Walton clan.)

It's no secret that we have our reservations about Josh, but our sincere -- if reluctant -- congratulations go out to the entire Duggar clan.

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