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As you’re probably well aware, members of the Duggar family tend to take an unusual approach to love and relationships.

Basically, any interaction between the sexes before marriage is considered irredeemably sinful, and everything that a couple does after they tie the knot is considered cause for public celebration.

John David & Abbie Wedding Day Pic
Photo via Instagram

And it seems that there’s a direct correlation between the age at which a Duggar gets married and the extent to which they cram their marital happiness down your throat.

Take John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett, for example.

JDD didn’t get hitched until he was almost 29, which is highly unusual in the Duggar clan.

John David and Abbie on Their Wedding Day
Photo via Instagram

(Even weirder is the fact that his twin sister Jana is still single.)

Seemingly as a result of the fact that John got hitched about a decade later than most of his siblings, his wedding was an even more lavish affair than the usual Duggar ceremony.

The reception was even held in an airplane hangar as a nod to the fact that John David is a licensed pilot.

Runway Bride
Photo via Instagram

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a pregnancy announcement yet (We sort of expected John and Abbie to make up for lost time in that respect.), but the newlyweds are doing everything else in their power to remind you that they’re no longer holding on to their V-cards.

John posted a slew of new wedding pics this week in celebration of he and Abbie’s five-month wedding anniversary.

"Celebrating our 5 month anniversary today!" he captioned the collection.

Abbie Burnett’s Wedding Dress
Photo via Instagram

"Marriage is such a gift from God and we are so thankful for each day we get to spend together!

We won’t bother pointing out that "anniversary" stems from the Latin word for "year," thus making a five-month anniversary a contradiction in terms.

No, instead we’ll simply congratulate John and Abbie on this "milestone" and wish them well in the future.

Abbie Burnett Married To Josh Duggar
Photo via Instagram

Who knows what the years ahead hold in store for these crazy kids?

Our guess would be lots of kids and lots more plane-related crap.

Hey, whatever makes them happy!