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Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff may not have appeared on this week’s season premiere of Little People, Big World.

But the former cast members have still managed to make quite a few headlines over the past few days.

Roloffs in Big Apple
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The couple came out with their much-anticipated memoir, "A Love Letter Life," on the same day their former program returned…

… and they’ve been on a highly entertaining press tour ever since, while various excerpts have also leaked online.

In the latest eyeball-catching passage, Jeremy explains to readers why he thinks The Bachelor is a poisonous and parasitic television show that he formerly had to talk his wife out of watching.

“The Bachelor/Bachelorette does not align with our collective values,” Jeremy writes simply in his book, which chronicles his romance with Audrey and also offers love advice to those seeking it.

Jeremy and Audrey, of course, have been open for years about their religion and their faith.

Roloffs Take NYC
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And Jeremy goes on to explain that, at one point in their relationship, Audrey was a fan of this ABC series, watching it with her girlfriends and likely checking the Internet for The Bachelor spoilers.

Jeremy succeeded in convincing his wife to stop viewing such filth, however.

"I have something against how the shows represent true love and how we should go about looking for it," he says in the memoir, detailing to readers how this viewpoint actually played a role with Audrey a few years ago:

"After a few months of low-key discussions about it and explaining to Audrey where I was coming from, she admitted that the show did violate the values and convictions we both have about love."

Concluded Jeremy in this section:

“Audrey gave it up in an effort to pursue our oneness and adhere to the principle of sharing.”

Auds and Jer
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Jeremy and Audrey are pretty darn candid about their unique relationship.

Elsewhere in this same book, for example, Jeremy actually writes that he used to be addicted to pornography.

"I had wandering eyes when it came to risqué images and social media profiles I had no business looking at," Jeremy says here.

It doesn’t sound as if Jeremy was really whacking it to anything too X-Rated, but that isn’t his point.

"The sin of porn can happen in the mind with or without articles of clothing, no matter whether it’s on an Instagram feed or an explicit website," he says.

Jeremy gave up the porn for a bit, but found himself ogling women who weren’t his wife shortly after getting married.

He finally had to tell Audrey about his habit.

“When I saw the look of betrayal in her eyes, I felt mournfully sorry. Tears ran down her beautiful face. ‘Why Jer?’ she asked. ‘Why?’” he recalls in the book.

Reading Our Book

Audrey, meanwhile, gets even more explicit in the book.

She says she was impure on her wedding night!

"Even though we won the virginity battle, we lost the purity battle," writes Audrey, insisting she never had sex before she had a ring on her finger.

But she did do other… stuff.

“Maybe you found yourself in tears the next morning, ashamed of your inability to keep your clothes on last night. Yes, I just said that. And yes, Jer and I found ourselves in each of these situations," she admits.

Does she mean Jeremy went under her shirt? Into her pants?

Jeremy and Audrey on V-Day
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Audrey isn’t totally clear.

But it’s safe to assume there was some under-the-belt action involved in Audrey’s confession.

"We drew a hard line at sex, but we definitely entered the gray area," she explains, adding:

"To make matters worse, I was wearing my swimsuit because that’s what you do in Santa Barbara. But this made it seem much more acceptable for me to slip off my dress as things got steamy."

Hot, huh? Almost as hot as scheduling sex with your partner.

Will you be buying and reading Jeremy and Audrey’s book?