Jinger Duggar Flaunts More Skin Than Ever; Jim Bob Prepares to Blow Gasket

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The news is out: Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are moving to Los Angeles.

As Jinger moves farther from her family, it looks like she's also straying further from Jim Bob's restrictive rules.

In a series of new photos, Jinger is baring more skin than fans have ever seen before.

Jinger Duggar Has the Right to Bare Arms

The Duggars eschew actual schools for fear that their children might learn about the world and interact with their peers.

But there is one thing on which schools and Jim Bob Duggar agree: bare shoulders are some sort of irresistible temptation displayed only by floozies.

And yet here we see Jinger, no longer under Jim Bob's authority because she is married, baring the entirety of her shoulders.

Those of us who exist in real life understand that she's just a person who lives in a very warm climate.

But by the Duggar code of ethics, this makes her some sort of jezebel.

Jinger Duggar Bares Her Shoulders and Holds Her Baby

Interestingly, both Jinger and Jeremy shared photos of her bare arms and naked shoulders.

It seems that, without saying so much in words, they want to make it clear that Jinger now lives by a different set of rules.

The photos were actually shared as part of a series about Laredo, Texas.

Jeremy and Jinger have lived there for some time but are prepared to leave it behind.

They're memorializing the places and activities that they have enjoyed there because they know that, soon, they'll be moving on to new pastures.

Jeremy Vuolo Holds 7-Month-Old Felicity Vuolo

Fans who saw Jinger's shoulders for the first time could not contain their excitement.

"Yesss, show those shoulders girl!" one fan comments. "I love that you have branched out into your own style and standards/values."

"So adorable, Jinger!" praises another. "You always look lovely. And it looks like baby Felicity is going to be a fashionista like her mama."

Hilariously, another comment compares her to British royalty.

"The Kate Middleton of America," one followers declares.

Felicity Vuolo Has Big Blue Eyes

Obviously, those comments ranged from side-stepping the bare shoulders to directly addressing them.

But we can only imagine how Jim Bob and Michelle and other strict fundamentalists must feel.

See, to their way of thinking, they believe that women are magically responsible for the thoughts and behavior of men.

In some ways, their views echo some of society's misogynistic undercurrents taken to their logical extremes.

Modesty culture is all about making women feel that their bodies are not their own.

Jinger and Family

Michelle Duggar has actually described the display of skin or even ones clothed curves as "defrauding."

In her mind, if a woman displays herself -- even with a bare leg, a bare arm, or a flash of her abdomen -- she's responsible for exciting men who see.

(In real life, we know that people are responsible for their own thoughts and assumptions)

So if a woman "makes" a man horny, but because they are not married she cannot bone him, the Duggars feel that she's made a promise and broken it.

(Also not how any of that works)

To the Duggars, bare skin is part of "fraud" because you're advertising a product that is not available for sale.

Jinger Duggar and Felicity Vuolo, Twinning

Jeremy Vuolo has some very conservative religious views of his own -- but he doesn't see eye-to-eye with Jim Bob.

"Jesus didn't save people to make them wear skirts," he famously said a few years ago.

Under Duggar beliefs, their daughters are effectively Jim Bob's property, even after reaching adulthood.

However, once they are married off, they are free from Jim Bob ... and placed under the authority of their husband.

This is archaic and franky horrifying, but it's nice to see that Jinger can make different choices about how to decorate her flesh prison.

If the sight of her bare shoulders makes someone horny, that's their problem, not hers.

If it's even a "problem" at all.

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