Khloe Kardashian Sets Instagram to Private, Gets Ridiculed by Fans

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Last week, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson faced off at True's first birthday party. Fans took notice, too.

And perhaps that was why, after a few vague posts, Khloe abruptly set her Instagram to "private" without offering any explanation.

Even her own fans are roasting her for either an attempt to silence criticism or a vain stab at hiding her shade from Tristan.

Khloe Kardashian Flaunts a Plunging Neckline

At first, Khloe posted bunches of photos of precious baby True following her very first birthday.

But in her Instagram Stories, Khloe also shared, as has become her habit, some not-so-vague posts that appear aimed at her cheating ex.

"Don’t kill people with kindness," the post reads. "Because not everyone deserves your kindness."

"Kill people with your silence," the post offers. "Because not everyone deserves your attention."

If Khloe intends to give Tristan the silent treatment, it looks like she's made the first step towards that goal.

Fans noticed that she had set her Instagram to private.

Khloe Kardashian Holds True on Her First Birthday

Fans took notice, and raked Khloe over the coals for the move.

"Khloe Kardashian really made her Instagram account private to hide her posts from Tristan," exclaimed one commenter.

That same comment chided: "like she isn’t an international celebrity."

"Khloe kardashian really put her insta on private," mocked another. "As if she doesn’t have 91 million followers hahahhaha."

To explain: when you make a social media account on Instagram or Twitter private, all of your preexisting followers still see your posts.

Khloe on her Phone

"Khloe Kardashian has no business making her IG account private!" declared another.

That same comment continued: "What she gotta keep private!?"

"Everyone knows where she be and who she be with on a day to day basis," the commenter concluded. "LMAOO foh."

The reason that these fans were giving Khloe a hard time is because she is a public figure.

In fact, she's one of the most famous people on the planet.

Setting her Instagram to private isn't just ineffective -- it's potentially bad for business.

Khloe Kardashian Screams "LIAR!"

But Khloe is saying that this isn't what happened.

Later, Khloe found a fan page on Instagram and commented to express her alarm.

"I was on my explorer page and I saw your post," Khloe begins.

She claims: "I have NO idea how or why my page is private."

"I don’t even know how to do that," she adds.

Khloe Kardashian didn't know she set IG to private

Khloe expressed her gratitude that the slip-up was brought to her attention, writing: "lol thank you for posting!"

"I’m going to fix it," Khloe vowed.

True (hah! Get it? Because of her daughter's name?) to her word, Khloe's Instagram is once again public.

"That’s strange…." Khloe admitted.

Yes, but let's be honest -- even tech savvy people have found their technology suddenly on new or unfamiliar settings.

Khloe's Photoshop Fail

Is it possible that Khloe is telling the truth about her Instagram whoopsie-daisy?


Khloe isn't too old to understand technology or social media -- she's 34.

But anyone, especially a busy mother with a one-year-old, could accidentally change a setting on her device.

That sounds a lot more plausible than her just hiding her posts from Tristan.

When you vaguepost someone, you usually want them to see it.

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