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Audrey Roloff has made a startling admission.

It has to do with sex and religion and what happens when one’s desire to sex tragically usurps one’s dedication to one’s chosen religion.

Intrigued? Confused? Scroll down for more…

Roloffs Take NYC
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Audrey and Jeremy have officially come out with their highly-anticipated memoir, "A Love Letter Life."

It chronicles their own relationship and also offers advice to others that are either married or hoping to get married someday.

In one especially candid section of the book, meanwhile, Audrey comes as clean as she can about, well, coming.

Sorry to be crude, but this is what Roloff has written of her and Jeremy’s wedding night:

Even though we won the virginity battle, we lost the purity battle.


Technically, Audrey was a virgin when she exchanged vows with Jeremy. But this doesn’t mean she was as pure as she believes the bible asks its believers to be upon getting hitched.

Audrey Roloff with Her Book

Writes the former reality star, addressing her readers:

“Maybe you found yourself in tears the next morning, ashamed of your inability to keep your clothes on last night. Yes, I just said that. And yes, Jer and I found ourselves in each of these situations.”

Wow, huh?

Hopefully God would give Audrey points for honesty here, even if He deducts a few for sexual activity prior to marriage.

Indeed, Audrey is a devout Catholic who constantly talks about her faith and her belief system.

You can tell in this passage how let down she felt at the time by her raunchy actions — even though, as she emphasizes here, she and Jeremy did NOT have sex before becoming husband and wife.

Auds and Jer
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During their long-distance courtship, however, Audrey says she slept over at Jeremy’s then-home in Santa Barbara one night, and they “did more than make out," explaining:

“We drew a hard line at sex, but we definitely entered the gray area.

"To make matters worse, I was wearing my swimsuit because that’s what you do in Santa Barbara. But this made it seem much more acceptable for me to slip off my dress as things got steamy.”

There’s a sort of weird detail for you, huh?

We guess Audrey is saying is that she was more open to taking her first layer of clothing off because she felt normal/comfortable in the bikini underneath…

… but this bikini also made her private parts more accessible and Jeremy seemingly used his fingers or maybe his tongue on them in order to make Audrey less pure.

Jeremy and Audrey on V-Day
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Audrey ends this section by saying she was confessed her dirty deeds to her “mentor,” who advised her to set more boundaries and “accountability measures” in the future.

The couple got married after a three-year romance in 2014 and welcomed daughter Ember in 2017.

And this isn’t the first time Audrey has surprised fans by opening up about her sex life.

Heck, she only just talked about how she and Jeremy now need to schedule intercourse because they are so tired and busy as parents.

She previously suggested that folks take her advice and recite their vows to each other mid-coitus.

What a Perfect Pair
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A bit unusual, but who are we to judge?

(Some fans did, however, judge Audrey for posing nude in a bathtub a few years ago because this appeared to be anti-Catholic.)

Audrey and Jeremy rose to fame as key cast members on Little People, Big World… but then announced they were leaving the show late this past summer.

As luck would have it, a new season kicks off tonight, just as Audrey and Jeremy’s book goes on sale.

What a time to be a Roloff!