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Just 12 days ago, Christina El Moussa debuted her baby bump and admitted that her pregnancy has been absolutely brutal.

Now, she’s showing off her baby bump at 17 weeks with Ant Anstead by her side.

This time, Christina is revealing her rigorous workout.

Christina El Moussa Works Out Pregnant with Ant Anstead
Photo via Instagram

Christina shared this photo of her with her man. 

"Thousand steps workout with the hubby @ant_anstead," Christina writes in the caption.

She then adds a blue heart emoji, followed by a yellow (gold?) star emoji.

She adds the tag: "#SundayFunday"

To remind fans of exactly how far along she is, she adds the tag: "#17weeks."

Christina Anstead
Photo via Instagram

Christina El Moussa is pregnant by Ant Anstead and already four weeks into her second trimester.

The world, however, only learned this exciting news a few weeks ago.

Some people tone down or cut out their regular exercise routines entirely out of fear that it will impede the pregnancy.

(Others stop exercising because the effects of pregnancy, including nausea and fatigue, simply make exercise agonizing or impossible)

Clearly, Christina is willing to put herself through her paces, even if traveling a kilometer isn’t what most of us would consider rigorous.

Christina Anstead is Pregnant!
Photo via Instagram

This will be her first child with Ant, but this is not her first pregnancy.

Her son, Brayden James, is 3 and a half. Her daughter, Taylor Reese, is 8.

However, Christina has admitted that this pregnancy is like none of those that came before it.

"Maybe it’s my age (35 — considered a geriatric pregnancy) lol …" Christina wrote.

"Or maybe," she continued. "I just forgot how bad it was with Tay and Bray."

"But yikes," she admitted. "It really blind sided me."

Christina Anstead with Ant
Photo via Instagram

Christina and Ant discovered that they were expecting after their honeymoon.

She says that, in addition to mood swings, she has experienced both nausea and exhaustion.

On top of that, she laments that she’s had "too many food aversions."

Maybe she really did just forget about suffering during her previous pregnancies.

Sometimes, the human mind glosses over some traumatic experiences, especially if they’re outweighed by so much good.

But their may be another explanation.

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead Kiss
Photo via Instagram

Humans stand out from other mammals in a number of ways, one of which being that the placenta is much, much more invasive.

Pregnancy hormones are one thing, but the placenta has its own agenda and does not care about the mom’s mood or comfort.

Much of the uglier side of pregnancy stems from the very taxing demands of manufacturing a tiny human body inside your uterus.

Having different children with different baby daddies can lead to wildly different experiences because of the father’s DNA.

So it could be that Ant Anstead just passes on some very demanding, selfish DNA. (Which is not a knock — it’s great for survival!)

Ant already has two other children from his own previous relationship.

But we somehow can’t imagine Christina calling up his ex, Louise Anstead, to ask what it was like to carry his babies.

Christina El Moussa and Ant Anstead Cozy Up
Photo via Instagram

We mentioned earlier that some pregnant folks worry that exercising while pregnant will damage their baby.

The truth is that if your exercise habits were healthy before you were pregnant, you can usually continue them through most of your pregnancy.

If you didn’t exercise before becoming pregnant, a pregnancy is a bad time to start training for the Olympics.

But otherwise, you’re keeping yourself healthy in a way that will not adversely impact your baby.