Briana DeJesus: Teen Mom 2 Means NOTHING to Me!

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Recently, Briana DeJesus has opened up a little more about her hush-hush relationship. She's very happy with her boyfriend these days.

But not all is well in the Teen Mom 2 star's life. In a series of now-deleted tweets, she makes that very clear.

Among other things, Briana declares that the show that pays her bills "means nothing" to her.

Briana on the 'Gram

This week, Pop Culture caught a screenshot of an alleged tweet by Briana DeJesus.

"All I am going to say is," Briana's tweet begins.

"This ‘tv show’ I am on means nothing to me," she brazenly declares.

She then goes on to assure fans and followers that her priorities are in the right place.

"The only thing I care about," Briana asserts. "Are both my kids."

Her two kids, of course, are Nova and Stella.

Briana DeJesus tweets she doesn't care about Teen Mom 2

But Briana had more to say, and this is where her tweet takes a more threatening stance.

"And if you are willing to put my kids in danger," the tweet reads. "We got some real problems."

She continues, not mincing words in the slightest.

Briana's tweet concludes: "I'll kill for my kids."


We refer to this tweet as alleged because Briana has since purged the tweet from her timeline.

Briana on Insta

It's not entirely clear what the full context of Briana's now-deleted tweet may have been.

She reportedly also shared other tweets, now deleted.

In one, she wrote: "Boy, I wish I could vent to my family -- but I can't."

When a fan suggested that she vent to her family, she replied: "I have."

Additionally, she reportedly shared a tweet that appeared to slam her baby daddies, Luis Hernandes and Devoin Austin.

Briana and Johnny

Briana DeJesus has more on her mind than some violent subtweets.

For ages, she played her romance with Johnny Rodriguez close to the vest.

After two baby daddies and then her romance with Javi Marroquin, she was understandably cautious of putting her relationship in the spotlight.

Recently, she revealed that they are making plans for their one-year anniversary in May.

Briana has praised Johnny for his attentiveness to her daughters.

Briana DeJesus and Boyfriend

Briana is hardly alone in bashing the show that keeps her employed among co-stars.

But it almost appeared that her ire wasn't directed at Teen Mom 2.

It sounded as if someone had accused her of endangering her precious girls.

They may have said that she had put them in harm's way for the sake of her reality career.

Given that she shared a tweet bashing her baby daddies, it's possible that Nova and Stella's respective fathers gave her grief about it.

For all that we know, they may have also had harsh words about her current boyfriend. We don't know.

Briana DeJesus: Look at Me!

Briana isn't necessarily what one would call a "good person." She's a Teen Mom 2 star.

And while we don't normally believe in guilt by association, it's alarming that she's actual friends with Jenelle Evans.

Recently, she and the Teen Mom villain from eastern North Carolina spent time together in Florida. Like, voluntarily. For fun.

But Briana is making it clear that, unlike Jenelle, she wouldn't endanger her children.

We'll take a woman who trashes her baby daddy and protects her kids over someone who only cares about protecting her husband -- any day.

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