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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are talking a lot about their sex lives these days.

Like, an awful lot about their sex lives these days.

Like, far more about their sex lives than many fans of the famous couple may be comfortable with.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Ember

Audrey, for example, recently delved into the ways in which she was impure on her wedding night, explaining that she and Jeremy engaged in some red hot and quite heavy action before exchanging their vows.

Jeremy then offered up a detailed explanation for why intercourse can still be orgasmic even when a married couple must fit it into their busy schedule.

The former Little People, Big World cast members either wrote about these subjects in their newly-released memoir, "A Love Letter Life," or talked about them while doing press for the book.

But while it sounds like both Jeremy and Audrey enjoy sex because it makes them feel good, let’s face it…

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… some people believe the only reason to have sex is to pro-create.

Which leads to an inevitable question: When might Audrey and Jeremy do so again?

The Roloffs are parents to a precious 18-month old daughter named Ember, over whom they gush as wildly as any parents we know read about on the Internet.

It would simply be astonishing if Jeremy and Audrey did not want to become parents again, which is a thesis the latter has now backed up in an interview with Us Weekly.

“We do want to have more kids,” Audrey tells this tabloid, adding:

“We’ve always wanted to have a big family. … We don’t put a timeline or a number on it, but Lord willing, we definitely want to have more kids and we’ll take them one at a time."

Roloffs in Big Apple

That really is the best attitude, isn’t it?

No judgement at all against anyone who plans this stuff out, but it’s also perfectly fine to wait and see how life brings you.

These days, it brings a lot of traveling for Jeremy and Audrey as they visit various cities to promote their memoir and sign copies of it. 

The picture snapped above, for example, was taken in Union Square, which is located in New York City, which is the opposite side of the country from where Jeremy and Audrey reside.

It might be tough for Jeremy and Audrey to squeeze in another kid right now, but they know they have plenty of time.

Reading Our Book

And they know they can overcome nearly anything after Jeremy broke his porn habit and then broke Audrey free of her Bachelor habit.

For real!

These are things they’ve been writing and talking about.

Here, this link explains why Jeremy hates The Bachelor.

And this one explains how he used to totally love pornography.

We told you: These two just keep talking about sex, whether they’re the ones having it or they’re watching other people have it through a computer screen.