Southern Charm Season 6 Trailer: Look Who's Back!

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She's back, folks.

And she most definitely means business.

chrmed peeps

Bravo has released the very first trailer for Southern Charm Season 6 -- and even if the same old drama you'd expect from this series remains, the cast itself will look very different.

Most notably, as far as what we see in the trailer Ashley Jacobs, makes a dramatic return in order to do what she does best:

Stir. $hit. Up.

Indeed, Thomas Ravenel’s on-and-off-on-and-off girlfriend pops up unannounced not once, but twice in this new promo. as she's seen going after Patricia Altschul.

Ashley’s mission is not exactly clear, although one can presume she’s coming around to clear Ravenel’s name, which will be no easy task.

The awful 56-year-old quit the show last year after multiple accusations of sexual assault were leveled against him.

He's denied all allegations and even somehow blamed the series itself for his legal woes.

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

Most recently, in submitted court documents, Ravenel said appearing on Southern Charm is what got him into trouble in the first place.

"The worst mistake of my life was agreeing to be the star of the reality TV show ‘Southern Charm,'" Thomas has written.

For what reason?

"It amplified my past notoriety, showcased my wealth I accumulated through decades of hard work and made me a walking target for men and women eager to get in front of the camera."

God, this guy sucks.


For the record: Ravenel was arrested in September of 2018 for charges relating to an alleged sexual assault incident in 2015 with their children’s former nanny, Dawn Ledwell.

Sje was the second woman to come forward over the past few months and accuse the reality personality of assault.

Following his arrest, Bravo confirmed Thomas would no long film the hit series.

Kathryn Dennis - who shares daughter Kensie, 5, and son Saint, 3, with the former politician - breaks down in tears over the scandal in the footage from the upcoming season.

“If he goes in jail, I’ll be a single mom,” she cries. “It’s just overwhelming.”

aj cries

Jacobs, meanwhile, made it sound like she was done with the show last November when she wrote on Instagram:

“After a lot of prayerful consideration, I have decided not to return to Southern Charm next season. After experiencing how unfair the editing process can be, I don’t think I’ll ever have a fair shot.”

But she's had a change of heart it appears.

In the preview, Ashley has disagreements with both Cameran Eubanks and Altschul.

“You called Kathryn an egg donor!” Cameran screams at Ashley in the clip, referencing the season 5 finale drama.

Later on in the teaser, Ashley is removed from a party as she tries to confront Patricia.

"Patricia, the truth will come out!" she scoffs, only for Cameran to later say in a confessional:

"I mean, I just hope that we’re all not subpoenaed to go and have to talk about all this sh-t."

Southern Charm Couple

Southern Charm also stars Shep Rose, Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Chelsea Meissner, Naomie Olindo and newcomer Eliza Limehouse.

Other highlights from the promo include the group calling Rose out for turning into a "huge f-cking ashole again," along with Craig’s ex-girlfriend making her new relationship with Dr. Metul Shah front and center.

We'll also see the introduction of a new full-time cast member in Limehouse.

Visit the official Bravo website to see the trailer in full and prepare for new episodes to start airing on May 15 at 8/7c.

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