Jill Duggar & Derick Duggar: Engaged in War of Words on Instagram?

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These days, it can be difficult to tell what exactly is going on in the marriage of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Rumors of the Dillards getting divorced seem to surface at the rate of about one per week, but because the couple is no longer on reality TV, it's hard to gauge the veracity of those claims.

Jill and Derick Posing

Fortunately, we still have social media.

Jill and Derick are both very active online, but in very different ways.

Taken together, their social media activity might reveal more about their marriage than they had intended.

Jill and Der: Date Night

Derick likes to go on long, politically-charged tirades and offer his followers unsolicited advice on how to live their lives.

Jill, on the other hand, mostly prefers to post updates about her children, her home, and her fashion finds.

You might not think that either Dillard would offer us much information with regard to their marriage, but the Duggar devotees who obsessively parse through these things feel otherwise.

Derick on the Job

Last week, Derick angered some fans when he wrote a lengthy blog post about his views on marriage.

“If you’re married (to a Christian or not), ‘the one’ is always going to be who you are married to. My ‘one’ is always Jill Michelle Dillard,” Derick wrote.

Dillard went on to argue against the idea of a "soulmate" and to describe his marriage as a "calculated risk."

Derick Dillard with Jill Duggar Pic

Many felt that Dillard was suggesting he had "settled" for Jill.

That might be reading too much into his comments, but it is interesting that Jill decided to assert her independence on social media less than 24 hours later.

As you're probably aware, the Duggar dress code is a well-known aspect of the family's ultra-conservative lifestyle.

When women in the family get married, enforcement of the dress code becomes the responsibility of their husband rather than their father.

Jill Duggar in a Shirt

And so, obeying it has become a way for the Duggar women to affirm that their husbands hold positions of authority in the home.

Which is why many fans think Jill has been subtly rebelling against her husband by sporting "racy" outfits online.

We should note that we mean "racy" by Duggar standards, which means pants, ankle-bearing skirts, and high heels.

Jill Duggar In Heels

"Lovin' my new outfits from @citrusandlemon #partner," Jill captioned the pic above.

"The heels are comfy y'all!! And of course so are the dress and cardigan!" 

Yes, Jill has been posting some sponsored content -- which might also be part of the rebellion.

After all, Duggar women are generally discouraged from earning income.

Of course, with how long Derick has been unemployed, it might be necessary for Jill to help with the finances.

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