Thomas Ravenel: Being on Southern Charm Was the Worst Thing I Ever Did!

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Disgraced former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel's custody war with Kathryn Dennis continues.

He is attempting to pressure the court to forbid Kathryn from discussing the custody battle -- part of her life -- on the show or on social media.

Thomas says that he needs this gag order, or Kathryn could make it look like he's a bad person.

Thomas Ravenel at the Reunion

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Thomas Ravenel is doubling down on his attacks on Bravo.

"The worst mistake of my life was agreeing to be the star of the reality TV show ‘Southern Charm,'" Thomas claims in court.

That is a wild claim. Notably, he was arrested and will stand trial for sexual assault

Thomas says "It amplified my past notoriety, showcased my wealth I accumulated through decades of hard work."

"And," he claims. "Made me a walking target for men and women eager to get in front of the camera."

(Is that some Ashley Jacobs shade or are we reading too much into this?)

"Most importantly," Thomas says. "It caused embarrassment and pain to my parents, my sisters, and my children."

Thomas Ravenel Mug Shot

Thomas has accused Kathryn Dennis of using their children and custody battle for better ratings, and he is fighting that tooth and nail.

"I do not believe Kathryn and Bravo should profit from this litigation," Thomas insists.

To that end, he wants the court to forbid her from addressing the custody battle in any way on Southern Charm or elsewhere.

"And," Thomas says, Kathryn shouldn't profit "from the pain and suffering it has caused me and will inevitably cause our children,”

“Sealing this case will do no good," he warns. "If Bravo and Kathryn are allowed to discuss this litigation on TV or social media."

Thomas Ravenel, Pinky Ring

"Bravo and Kathryn will be at liberty to control the public narrative of this litigation," Thomas fears.

"And," he warns, both his baby mama and former employer could "shape the story as it suits them."

He laments: "and my children will bear the shame of being fathered by a man the public believes is a monster, an abuser, and a narcissist."

The public already believes that, for a host of reasons.

Kathryn' isn't mind-controlling the masses.

Thomas' behavior on and off camera made that impression all by itself.

Thomas Ravenel

"Bravo IS NOT a news organization,” Thomas has written.

Literally no one is claiming otherwise.

If you see Luann de Lesseps do cabaret and think you're watching 60 Minutes, please get help.

“It does not publish truthful information pertaining to public discourse," Thomas repeats himself.

"And," he claims. "It has zero interest in broadcasting truthful information about the minor children, this litigation, or Ravenel on ‘Southern Charm.’"

Thomas Ravenel Pic

"Bravo’s business is not the truth," he emphasizes.

They are a television network devoted to entertainment.

"It profits," he explains. "From the dramatization and fictionalization of crafted, non-scripted events that it airs to the public as ‘Reality TV.’"

Dude, you just described literally all reality television.

Please take several steps back.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn

Ultimately, it will be up to the judge whether or not to bar Kathryn and Bravo from any mention of the case.

That would be a somewhat extreme ruling. This is a custody case.

Additionally, one might argue that Thomas' sudden shyness only manifested after it became public that two women accused him of sexual assault.

He may have slinked away in disgrace, but Kathryn -- whom no one accuses of rape -- is still a reality star.

Any embarrassment or reputation-tarnishing that could one day impact their children has already been done, right?

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