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This past weekend it was widely reported that Paris Jackson had attempted suicide.

Insiders confirmed that an ambulance was dispatched to Jackson’s home and that the 20-year-old was briefly hospitalized.

Paris Jackson for Versace
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Jackson denied the suicide reports, but newly released 911 recordings confirm that first responders rushed to her home in response to a "psychiatric" emergency.

The recording (posted below) seems to confirm that paramedics were not concerned that Paris’ attempt would result in her death, but there was a need to get her to the nearest hospital immediately.

According to The Blast, Jackson slashed her wrist and lost a "significant" amount of blood.

During the call, Paris is referred to as a “possible VIP.”

"At about 7:28am officers responded to the 7200 block of Hillside for an ambulance attempted suicide," a police department spokesperson told the Daily Mail.

"The victim was transported to a local hospital."

Paris Jackson in Hair Extentions
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Little is known about Paris’ motive in attempting to take her own life, but it’s been widely speculated that the self-harm is related to the ongoing controversy surrounding the recent documentary Leaving Neverland.

The film centers around the child molestation allegations against Paris’ father, the iconic pop star Michael Jackson.

Paris has revealed that she does not believe Michael’s accusers and has refused to watch the film.

Paris Jackson With Brown Hair
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Still, the release of Neverland has reportedly triggered a downward spiral that has family and friends deeply concerned for Paris’ health.

Just days prior to her alleged suicide attempt, Paris was spotted drinking heavily and fighting with her boyfriend on the streets of New Orleans.

As with all of the recent indications of a meltdown, Paris has denied that there’s any cause for concern, but photos from the night in question tell a different story.

Paris Jackson on IG
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Paris checked into rehab in January, and fans have been concerned to see that she immediately returned to partying.

According to Radar Online, Paris’ brother, Prince Michael Jackson, has made it his duty to look after his troubled sister’s well-being.

“He wants to act almost like a father figure to Paris right now,” said the source.

Paris Jackson Looks Great
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“He told her that her behavior is not going to fly anymore.”

Though Paris has been widely criticized for her handling of the Neverland situation, we’re sure no one wants to see her come to any physical harm.

Our thoughts go out to Paris and her family during this time, and we truly hope she’s able to find the sort of help she needs.