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It’s been two weeks since Leaving Neverland premiered on HBO.

The documentary detailing the child molestation allegations against Michael Jackson has been compared to a “public lynching” by the late pop star’s family.

However, for many viewers, the film left little doubt about Jackson’s guilt.

And since the crimes he’s been accused of are truly monstrous, the fallout from the evidence presented in Neverland has been appropriately swift and harsh.

Of course, many in Jackson’s inner circle are concened not only with protecting the singer’s lucrative estate, but also his legacy.

Paris Jackson for Versace
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Chief among these defenders is Michael’s only daughter, Paris Jackson.

Paris does not believe her father’s accusers, and she’s repeatedly laughed off their allegations in ways that many have found deeply offensive.

But as much as she might pretend to be unbothered by the situation on social media, there have been indications that this growing scandal is beginning to take a toll on the aspiring model.

Paris Jackson With Brown Hair
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Insiders say Paris is concerned that the allegations will derail her career, and she’s never once considered the possibility that her father might be guilty.

Neverland has forced her to confront some very uncomfortable facts, and the process has reportedly caused her to fall back into some bad habits.

Paris’ drug use has created significant problems in the past, and the 20-year-old checked into rehab just prior to the film’s debut.

Paris Jackson in Hair Extentions
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Now, however, Paris is out of treatment, and already back to partying.

Radar Online has attained photos of what appears to be Paris drinking and clubbing with friends on Tuesday night.

“Her eyes were wide and she was fidgety,” says one onlooker.

Paris Jackson Looks Great
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“She was drinking lots and was with a big group of people,” the witness adds.

Paris’ boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, was also on hand, and the witness says the two of them got into a heated altercation that “nearly turned physical.”

One insider says Paris’ family is deeply concerned about her health and well-being.

Paris Jackson VMA Pic
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“If things continue like this, Paris will end up back in rehab or — even worse — dead,” a source tells Radar.

Here’s hoping Paris is able to sort herself out before the consequences become anymore dire.

Her family has experienced enough tragedy for several lifetimes.