Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson Victims Reveal Sickening New Allegations

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Leaving Neverland is an HBO documentary that focuses upon the late king of pop, Michael Jackson.

After the premiere, viewers are in shock by the detailed, graphic allegations that survivors describe of Jackson's behavior towards them as minors.

Beginning at almost unbelievably young ages, they say that he groomed them not only to participate in sex, but to defend him.

Which is why both of them took so long before they came forward with their own stories.

The Jackson family is outraged and are pulling out all of the stops to slam this film and defend the late legend.

But if you see the bombshells that the documentary dropped, you may wonder if anyone wlll look at Jackson the same way again.

1. Leaving Neverland premiered

The documentary premiered on Sunday night, and is receiving mixed reactions as Michael Jackson's family and most diehard defenders square off against his accusers and those who believe the chilling things that they had to say.

2. First of all, it started early

Wade Robson is now 36 years old, and was only seven years old when he met Michael Jackson backstage at a concert. Robson says that Jackson convinced his family to let him stay over at the Neverland Ranch while they went off to see the Grand Canyon.

3. That sleepover was the first of many

Robson says that Michael Jackson performed oral sex on him that night. In the documentary, Robson says: "He said ‘This is how we show our love.'"

4. Jackson allegedly mentioned God

According to Robson, who had only met him backstage after winning a dancing contest at a mall, he told him that "You and I were brought together by God. We were meant to be together. This is how we show love."

5. It was the same with James

It was the same with James
James Safechuck is now 42, but met Jackson in 1986 while filming with him in a Pepsi commercial. He says that Jackson took the entire Safechuck family with him on tour.

6. But things allegedly became sexual

Safechuck recalls how Jackson allegedly introduced him to masturbation when he was only 10 years old, and says that it escalated into graphically sexual sleepovers from there.

7. Robson's mother speaks

In the documentary, his mother, Joy, talks about how Jackson had tried to convince her to let her 7-year-old son stay with Jackson in LA for a year while she returned to Australia. She adamantly told him no, over the course of several hours, despite Jackson's assurances of how he could help Robson's career.

8. He didn't like hearing "no."

Joy recalls that Jackson ultimately told her, very plainly, that he "always" gets what he wants. (Folks, every part of that conversation should be a huge red flag for parents)

9. Robson says that Macaulay Culkin was a fixation

Robson says that Macaulay Culkin was a fixation
According to what Robson says in the documentary, Jackson DID get what he wanted when he induced the Robson family to move from Australia to California in 1991 by paying for expenses. Robson was surprised when he felt that the pop singer was giving him the cold shoulder, but soon realized that Jackson was obsessed with Macaulay, who had just risen to fame for Home Alone.

10. Even as a kid, he felt replaced

"That experience was really hard for me. This was the first time I came up against the new friend Macaulay Culkin,” Robson shares. “Macaulay was where I was, in my previous trips. Right by Michael’s side [at] every moment… and now I was on the sidelines as far as being Michael’s friend and being his favorite."

11. He felt hurt and confused

"That was really confusing," Robson confesses. "He and Michael had all of the connection and secret things that Michael and I had before. I could recognize that. There was jealousy from me, hurt, confusion."

12. But that situation didn't last

Michael Jackson faced a lawsuit in 1993, and Robson says that he was once again the center of Jackson's world in an effort to get him to testify to defend him. Robson did. After the settlement, Jackson allegedly sexually penetrated him for the first time when he was 14 years old. He says that it was their final sexual encounter.

13. James Safechuck spoke of receiving rewards

James Safechuck spoke of receiving rewards
He says that Jackson would reward him with jewelry, and that he once gave him a diamond-encrusted ring in a mock wedding ceremony.

14. Safechuck speaks about picking them out

Safechuck speaks about picking them out
He says that he and Jackson would go to jewelry stores and pretend that they were picking out jewelry for a woman when it was, in fact, a reward for Safechuck for alleged sexual acts.

15. He says that they used this act more than once

"We would pretend my small hand fit whatever female we were buying it for,” Safechuck alleges. “I was really into jewelry and he would reward me with jewelry for doing sexual acts for him."

16. They would have "drills" at home

Michael Jackson would allegedly have guests quickly get dressed and act nonchalant in case someone was approaching his room.

17. The lying practice went beyond the bedroom

Jackson allegedly told both boys that, if anyone found out what they were doing, his life would be ruined -- and that they, too, would get into trouble. Robson says that it was a factor in his testifying on Jackson's behalf in the '90s and then again a decade later. He never repressed what had happened, but felt a tremendous amount of loyalty to the pop singer.

18. Wade Robson says he saw Jackson decline

Despite everything, he says that they remained good friends until Jackson's death in 2009. Robson, a famous choreographer, visited with Jackson in 2008, where he says he was shocked to see Jackson down two solo cups of wine and then immediately go to sleep.

19. And Jackson's kids were there

Robson says that Prince, Paris, and Blanket were there at the time, and seemed totally unfazed by their father's behavior. To Robson, who had known him for so long, the decline was startling.

20. It's worth noting ...

Jackson was a Jehovah's Witness, so religiously speaking, he was not supposed to be drinking alcohol, period. Robson knew this.

21. Safechuck did not testify for him in 2005

He says that he never told anyone until he confessed to his mother and to his wife as an adult. He says that Jackson reached out to him to offer to reignite his career as a director, but that he turned down the offer. The two never spoke again.

22. Jackson's family is adamently defending him

Jackson's family is adamently defending him
They're saying that the amount of time that he spent with kids looks inappropriate, but is actually innocuous. They say that they are hurt and outraged because they know their brother, and this isn't who he was.

23. This documentary isn't for everyone

We should note that Leaving Neverland is so explicit and upsetting that the premiere had trauma counselors on hand, particularly for those with PTSD.

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