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On Sunday night, the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland made its debut on HBO.

The film details some of the most shocking child molestation claims against the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson With Brown Hair
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While Jackson shelled out tens of millions in court settlements to numerous families during his lifetime, the film focuses on the accusations of two of the singer’s alleged victims, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, both of whom are now grown men.

The film leaves little doubt as to Jackson’s guilt, and many have reported finding the content so appalling that they have been unable to watch the film in its entirety.

As with the Bill Cosby case, even if one is of the misguided opinion that the alleged victims are all lying, the perpetrator has confessed to enough over the years to earn a full-blown “canceled” verdict in the court of pop culture.

Jackson’s family has likened Leaving Neverland to “a public lynching,” but even if there is some bias on the filmmakers’ part (and that’s a big “if”), the facts of the case speak for themselves.

And when it comes to the investigation against Jackson, the facts may be enough to make you physically ill.

All of this puts Michael’s three children in a very awkward position — particularly the disgraced music legend’s only daughter, Paris Jackson.

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Among her siblings, Paris is the one who’s most determined to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

And she’s also been the most vocal defender of her father’s innocence.

According to a new report from The Sun, Paris is concerned that the new allegations against her father might serve to derail her acting career — which she apparently hasn’t gotten around to launching yet.

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“Paris had hoped to launch a successful career in acting but fears Leaving Neverland has ruined her chances of it taking off,” an insider tells the magazine.

“She was in a movie last year but believes the documentary is already scaring directors away because the abuse her father is accused of may put movie goers off her,” the source adds.

“It all comes down to marketing. 

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“The worry is that any movies she stars in will be derailed if Michael’s abuse scandal is all people think about when they see her on screen. She wants to act but knows this could affect those plans.”

Well, if Paris is willing to listen to reason and stop blindly defending her father in the face of a growing mountain of evidence that points to his guilt. then she’ll likely be just fine.

We understand that can’t be an easy thing, but then again, neither is building a successful acting career without the help of industry connections and incredible wealth.

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That’s the downside of success that’s built on a foundation of nepotism:

When your career is dependent on someone else’s legacy, you can never be fully in control.

But we wouldn’t go shedding too many tears for Paris’ job prospects — she and her brothers have inherited an estate valued at over $1 billion dollars.