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Paris Jackson has been through quite a lot in her young life.

Of course, she’s also enjoyed privileges and opportunities that most folks can only dream of.

Paris Jackson on IG
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We mention this not because we begrudge Paris her wealth and fame but because the latest news about the 20-year-old’s personal life has fans concerned that her personal fortune may be in danger.

Paris has been dating drummer Gabriel Glenn for the past several months.

The couple met when Gabriel was hired into Paris’ band, the Soundflowers.

Paris Jackson Looks Great
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(Note: Several media outlets have mistakenly reported that Glenn was a member of the Wallflowers, which would make this story way weirder, as Paris was about a year away from being conceived when "One Headlight" came out.)

According to Radar Online, Paris’ family is deeply concerned about her new relationship, primarily because Paris and Glenn are already talking marriage.

“Paris told certain family members that she truly believes that Gabriel is the one and she wants to marry him,” a source close to the Jackson family says.

Paris Jackson, Topless in the Desert
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“She and Gabriel have been going strong for several months and she feels a deep connection with him.”

Most recently, Paris dated Cara Delevingne, and it seems her shift in preference has also been a cause of concern for certain influential family members.

Sadly, Paris’ beloved grandmother has some outdated beliefs, and she’s expressed skepticism about Paris’ ability to make decisions regarding her own sexuality and love life.

Paris Jackson, Wild Hair
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“The family is all very confused at this point,” the insider says.

“One second, she is a lesbian and dating; the next second, she is straight and dating her bandmate.”

But despite her apparent confusion, Katherine Jackson is less concerned with granddaughter’s sexuality than with her financial future — a future that she feels is in jeopardy due to Paris’ insistence on getting married without a prenup.

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“No one cares what she is everyone just wants to know that she is okay," says the source.

"Gabriel does not have the best reputation and some of her family members feel like he could be using her.

"They just want her to be careful.”

Sadly, Michael Jackson’s only daughter has been down this road before.

Paris Jackson on Stage
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Paris recently dated Michael Snoddy, who was also a musician, and whose flippant attitude has been compared to Glenn’s.

That relationship ended badly, but Paris recovered rather quickly.

As painful as that episode might have been, friends and family are reportedly hoping for a similar outcome with Glenn.