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Mykonos, Greece is happily waving goodbye to yet another one of Lindsay Lohan’s ambassadors. 

With the summer coming to an end, Lindsay and sidekick Panos have gifted a fair warning to their young workers that some major cut backs are on the horizon.

But on last night’s episode of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, one of them made their decision A LOT easier.

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Making out with VIP clients, throwing back shots with them and washing their feet was all fair game earlier on in the season, but Lindsay means business and is not putting up with any more of their childish behavior.

Especially when it comes to stripping! 

Most of the drama revolved around Mike who was trying way too hard to make sure Sophie and Nathan, from Geordie Shore – the UK’s attempt at Jersey Shore, were having a good time. 

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First, Mike kissed Sophie after doing a body shot off of her belly button, before flirting and giving Nathan sensual messages.

Mike took things a step further when he offered Nathan his own swimsuit to go for a swim in the ocean, stripping it off in the cabana before parading around the beach club with his hands all over his junk. 

Following that perfect reality TV (yet totally discourteous) behavior, he then proceeded to put a piece of bread up his butt, telling Nathan to "eat it."

He eventually got busted by security, who warned him that there were children all around, adding that "it’s a family kind of beach."

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Though Mike didn’t see the problem and argued that people were nude on the beach all the time, he finally put his shorts back on. 

The club’s general manager quickly filled Lindsay in on his foolishness, the 32-year-old former actress was obviously livid and ready to drop the axe. 

"Who does that fall back on at the end of the day? Not even you, me," she vented to Panos, reiterating the importance of protecting her "brand."

"This is completely unacceptable," she added in her testimonial. 

Lindsay as a Boss

"Mike didn’t just like moon people, he took his pants off. It’s so disrespectful and it makes me look like a horrible person and that I’m not a good boss and that I’m not good at doing this job."

The episode concluded with the entire crew getting their assignments for next week from Panos, but when it came Mike’s turn he had nothing to offer.

"As for you, Mike, I was at Lindsay’s villa yesterday," he said, before explaining the phone call from the GM. 

"There were small kids there watching the whole situation. You should pack your stuff then and leave."

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"I want you out of here," he boldly stated. 

Catching a glimpse into next week’s preview, we see Mike fight to win back his job. Although, it’s not looking too good. 

But it’s ok, neither is a second season for Lindsay’s Beach Club