Jessica Simpson Flaunts MASSIVE Baby Bump in Skimpy Bikini

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Jessica Simpson is what we can only describe as extremely pregnant with baby Birdie.

Yes, her baby will be named Birdie, even though fans begged her to choose a less stupid name.

To show just how close she is to her due date, Jessica showed off her massive baby bump while wearing a skimpy bikini.

Jessica Simpson Shares HUGE Baby Bump Belly in Bikini

"Jess-tation," Jessica Simpson captioned this photo.

She shared the snap -- a photo taken of a printed out photograph -- on Instagram with her fans and followers.

As is abundantly clear, she is extremely pregnant.

The bikini makes that even more obvious.

She's in her third trimester and about to pop!

Jessica Simpson Broke Her Toilet

Though Jessica already has two children -- Maxwell and Ace -- this pregnancy is putting her through the wringer.

She has revealed that her face and feet are especially swollen, and asked for remedies.

(She has even tried cupping to alleviate the swelling -- hey, whatever works!)

Some of her struggles have been a little more farcical.

Jessica recently revealed that she had accidentally broken her toilet seat by leaning back in it.


Jessica Simpson in Her Very Own Pregnancy Recliner

Like so many who are pregnant, Jessica has been plagued by acid reflux.

(You know when you pour soda into a drink and it fizzes up and spills over the side? Imagine that, but stomach acid, and it reaches your mouth)

Fortunately, as a woman of means, she can easily afford to buy new furniture to handle this temporary problem.

Jessica shared a pic on Instagram, showing off her pregnancy recliner.

That should keep her elevated and, combined with tweaks to her diet, keep her from experiencing the worst of acid reflux.

Jessica Simpson Wears a Mask

Earlier this month, Jessica posted a photo of herself wearing a mask after her latest health scare.

"After a week in the hospital for bronchitis ... I’m finally home!" Jessica wrote.

In terms of hospital visits, she notes that it was "my fourth time in 2 months."

Jesicca continued: "Coughing with Birdie has been a crazy painful journey."

"I am slowly getting healthier every day," she affirmed. "Baby girl was monitored and is doing amazing!"

With Eric Johnson

"I am on my way to healthy," Jessica's precious caption continued. "And counting down the days to see her sweet smile."

"Sending love and prayers to all the mothers who are going or have gone through this," she concluded. "OUCH!"

Pregnancy can include a great deal of complications.

Even a "simple" pregnancy involves the compression of organs and the rearrangement of bones.

Combined with the fact that the body strips calcium from the mother's bones to build the baby's skeleton, and a lot of people find pregnancy horrifying.

Jessica Simpson in Birdie's Nest

And then, of course, comes the almost unimaginable pain of the actual process of giving birth.

The fact that some people choose to endure this process once, let alone multiple times, shows that they're extremely brave.

We hope that the rest of Jessica Simpson's pregnancy is smooth sailing.

We're sure that the entire family is eager to welcome baby Birdie into the family.

Honestly, we're still a little relieved yet disappointed that she hasn't named any of her children "Tuna."

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