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Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is still a complete disaster, let’s be real.

Besides the occasional tea we get served on Lohan’s life, none of us really know what we are watching or what one of her "Ambassadors" even actually do. 

I mean, the fact that a bunch of young hot adults work for the former child star and have an excuse to day drink on the beach every day and live together in the same house usually equals A+ reality TV, but this show is just confusing

Cast of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club
Photo via instagram

Depending on the day, the "Ambassadors" aka the twenty-somethings, could be doing anything from washing VIP clients’ feet, serving cocktails, or literally lounging in cabanas drinking alone.

Whatever their work for the day entails, they better step up their game because in last night’s episode we learned that only four of them will be sticking around to represent Lohan in her future, um … career.

In this week’s episode, most of the hour revolved around Brent who was being obnoxiously bitter after his breakup with Sara

You see, After Brent completely ignored Sara when a few of his friends came to the house last week, she got some sense and dumped him. Hard. 

Beach Club Sara
Photo via Instagram

Once all the ambassadors got their camera time by venting to both Nico Tortorella and Panos, Lohan’s sidekick, about Brent’s toxic behavior, Lindsay naturally rewarded them all with an afternoon on a yacht. 

"Everyone is complaining about Brent and he does have tendencies to be a bully and maybe that’s because he was bullied in the past," Lindsay said. 

"Instead of getting angry with him, which I don’t have time to do, I decided to send them all on a yacht day together so they can have fun, see what working with me will get them and really just be happy together."

Lindsay in Greece
Photo via MTV

Considering that Lohan has already complained multiple times about Brent’s intentions, his snapping at Panos and his reoccurring PDA with Sara when he should be representing her brand, not to mention the way everyone complains about how awful he is, you think she’d fire him. 

I mean she had no problem firing the other jokes of the house, but time-out on a yacht it is! 

The excursion pretty much sucked until Sara started making out with Billy, causing Brent, who had isolated himself from the majority of the group, to threaten to leave the show. 

Sara and Billy Make Out
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"Have respect for yourself," he said about his ex. "Sara just showed that she doesn’t respect herself. She should be embarrassed."

"I just had sex with her a couple nights ago and now she’s with another dude," he continued.

"You look like a complete idiot."

He then told a producer he was leaving the show and proceeded to pack his bags as soon as the boat docked. 

Beach Club Brent
Photo via MTV

Panos showed up to the ambassadors’ room later that night, while also filling Lohan in on all the drama over the phone. 

"I don’t feel like Sara should have kissed Billy," she said in her confessional. "I feel like the high school therapist. You’re on a yacht, why start drama? She’s better than that."

Lindsay also told Panos on the phone, "This is who Brent is, and he’s great at his job, and he’s one of our strongest ambassadors, and I don’t want to lose him." 

LiLo at the Beach
Photo via Instagram

She also admitted she thinks he just needs a friend. 


The show is reaching its finale and MTV has yet to pick up season 2 due to plummeting ratings. 

If Lohan wants another shot at her Vanerpump Rules knock-off series, she better hold on to Brent. (And Sara and Billy) Or anyone for that matter who is willing to spice up this show, because it is in desperate need of a turn-around

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Cast
Photo via MTV

This 10th episode concluded as Panos panicked the ambassadors by explaining that only four of them will be keeping their jobs.

Lindsay explained that they really only need three, but she’s "the kind of person who will always keep an extra one just in case."

Oh, Lindsay, how thoughtful you are!