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Top plastic surgeons are calling bulls–t when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian’s "all natural" face claims.

Though Kourt has admitted to getting a boob job in the past, she completely rejects the idea that any other work has been done.

But few of the world’s prime plastic surgeons argue otherwise.

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The experts collectively agree that the reality star beauty has gone under the knife on far more than one occasion. 

Surgeons believe she has likely had multiple procedures done on her face, "including an eyebrow lift, a nose job, lip fillers, a cheek lift, Botox, and laser treatments," according to Celebrity Insider

The evidence is written all across her overly photographed glowed up face. 

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And professionals believe those photos tell the real story.

Dr. Tim Sayed, who is a celebrity plastic surgeon, believes without a doubt the Kardashian has had her nose worked on

According to Radar Online, the Dr. says that there are noticeable differences in her nose throughout the years, especially when it comes to her bridge.

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He claims that she may have never had proper nose surgery, but Sayed believes she likely had a liquid procedure performed at some point throughout the years.

And if you’re wondering what the hell a liquid nose procedure includes, it’s basically an injectable filler that a doctor can use to "correct curves, bumps, and lumps, making your nose appear smaller," according to Bazaar

"It also appears she’s had a conservative amount of Botox to her forehead and outer corners of her eyes to address any fine lines, as well as a slight eyebrow lift which Botox can also be used for," Sayed explained. 

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Other surgeons agree with Dr. Sayed’s assessment, including New York-based Dr. Adam Schaffner. 

Schaffner also added that Kourt’s nose looks like she had a rhinoplasty performed at some point, which he says was done well. 

Obvi. She is a Kardashian after all. 

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He also believes she has undergone Botox and fillers to help smooth out wrinkles. 

But it’s no secret that the 39-year-old mother of three eats strictly organic foods, which could too be the cause of her anti-aging skin.

She assures her fans that her face is all-natural and that she has been blessed with smooth skin and a full face, denying all allegations at going under the knife. 

The only surgery Kourtney has confirmed is her boob job, which she got in 2009 while still in college. 

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As for the rest of her sisters, Khloe Kardashian also denies having had any plastic surgery, besides admitting to getting lip fillers a couple of years ago… which barely counts. 

But yeah right. Khloe’s transformation is notably the most drastic out of her entire family or well, anyone for that matter. 

Contouring isn’t that magical, no matter which A list makeup artist you hire. 

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Though the Kardashians are used to getting scrutinized for their practically perfect appearances, they continue to deny all lingering plastic surgery rumors. 

But these specialists seem to point us to the truth, explaining it is impossible to look that naturally "fake". 

We won’t be holding our breath for Kourtney’s side of the story.