Kourtney Kardashian Boob Job Rumors Heat Up: Sticking it to Scott with Plastic Surgery?!

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We know she's been flaunting cleavage left and right, but did Kourtney Kardashian get plastic surgery as part of her revenge on Scott Disick?

Recent photos of her have led to that very rumor ...

Says a source close to the mother of three ...

“Kourtney is trying to move on with her life since breaking up with her baby father ... and her first step in her new life was to get breast implants.”

Uhh. Two responses to that quote:

  1. That was quick;
  2. "Baby father"?

While there is no doubt that the world has seen more Kourtney Kardashian cleavage since she became single, this rumor is a bit of a stretch.

She still has an eight-month-old baby and has been breastfeeding, which could account for her more ample chest. Or she's just showing off.

More power to her either way.

Also, it may seem like forever, but Scott's ass got dumped less than two months ago when he was parading around France with Chloe Bartoli.

We're expected to believe that Kourtney made up her mind to get a boob job, got it done and went back to normal in the span of a few weeks?

We don't believe it. She's got a hot body to throw in his face at every opportunity, and she appears to be taking advantage of that aspect.

Surgically altering it in this timetable is unrealistic, no matter how insecure Disick made her feel about herself, and just plain unnecessary.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

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