Khloe Kardashian Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Khloe Kardashian is once again responding to talk that she has undergone plastic surgery.

Khloe Kardashian on New Beauty

Despite Kardashian, on numerous occasions, having told off haters who believe she possesses fake body parts, the stories continue to be churned out.

Just a few weeks ago, a supermarket tabloid claimed Khloe has had $3 MILLION worth of plastic surgery done to her body as part of an extreme (and expensive!) makeover.

What does Kardashian have to say about this chatter?

“People say I’ve had my butt done or I’ve had liposuction," she tells the latest issue of New Beauty.

"When I hear that I have fake body parts it frustrates me, but I also take it as a compliment."

A compliment? How so?

"I bust my ass every day, so I get annoyed when people say I’ve had liposuction and my hard work gets discredited.

"Yet on the other hand, I take it as a compliment because it’s like I look that good that my butt looks fake.”

That's certainly a good attitude to have.

Sister Kim Kardashian has faced years of scrutiny about her weight, too, of course, also denying she's ever had work done.

Khloe, meanwhile, says she never set out to lose lots of weight. She was confident enough to shrug it even when people referred to her as "fat."

She explains:

"My whole body transformation kind of just happened. I didn’t even set out to change my body at first. I really needed an emotional release and the physical results of working out came as a side effect of relieving the stress."


We're just glad Khloe didn't say her transformation was related to waist training in any way.

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