Kourtney Kardashian: Latest Selfie Sparks Nose Job Rumors

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Usually, Kourtney Kardashian's selfies seem designed to torment Scott Disick, and they wind up going viral thanks to her famous curves.

Kourt's latest Instagram upload is gaining attention for a very different reason, however, as many of her followers have pointed out that she appears to have had some work done:

Kourtney Kardashian Nose Job Image

Like all the ladies of the Kard clan, Kourtney is often the subject of plastic surgery rumors and some of them are certainly validated by the way her appearance has changed over the years.

But this time we're really just not seeing it.

If Kourtney has gone under the knife recently, then she got ripped off, because whatever changes she shelled out for are very subtle.

We can see how this latest round of rumors got started, as Kourt does look slightly different, but we think it has more do with the angle (and perhaps a slightly heavy-handed Botox doc) than with any sort of cosmetic enhancement.

Kourtney just turned 37 this week, and she does look remarkably young for her age, but we're chalking it up to good genes and the same regimen of injections that so many wealthy Angelenos who are approaching middle-age undergo.

Age isn't even really a factor for the Kards when it comes to having their faces treated.

We're pretty sure Kendall and Kylie get routine 'tox shots, and they're not even old enough to drink.

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