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For years now, fans of the Duggar family have been speculating about the possibility of Josh and Anna Duggar getting divorced.

Though ending a marriage is severely looked down upon in the Duggars’ world, many have encouraged the couple to go their separate ways.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo
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The reason, of course, is that Josh has been far from the ideal husband.

His most egregious offense is the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015, during which it was revealed that Josh molested five young girls.

While that may have been Anna’s biggest indication that it’s time to cut and run, there have been many more in the years since.

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding
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Josh was caught trying to cheat on Anna using the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison, and those closest to the couple say Anna was in agony throughout his stint in sex addiction rehab.

But shortly after Josh returned home, Anna became pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

It’s not easy to find a home that can accommodate such a large clan, which is why so many were shocked when Josh and Anna put their Arkansas home up for sale.

Anna Duggar Blasts Josh Haters: We Will NEVER Get Divorced!
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Obviously, the decision to sell their sizable house could mean many things.

But fans are focused on two main theories:

Most seem to believe that Josh and Anna are experiencing some sort of marital difficulty.

While that might explain a lot, it doesn’t entirely make sense here.

Josh and Anna Duggar with Family
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Is Anna moving to Florida to be near parents?

If not, why would she sell the house that’s served as a home to her five children for much of their lives?

Josh might be petty, but we doubt he would force her to do that.

Josh, Anna Duggar and Family

The other theory is that Josh has been welcomed back into the fold.

After the sex scandals, he moved several miles away from Tontitown and Springdale, the towns that serve as home to his parents and many siblings.

Now, many fans believe, Josh’s parents have given him permission to come home.

Josh and Anna D.

As evidence, they point not only to the real estate deal, but also to Josh and Anna’s comeback tour.

For a while there, it certainly looked as though these two wanted back on TV and moving closer to the Duggar compound would be a big step toward achieving that goal.

Josh and Anna are desperate to win back fans, that much is sure.

Of course, the best way for them to do that would be to break up.